Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bitcomet v1.0 to accelerate the optimization with advertising removed DNA from the installed version

Bitcomet (bits of comet) v1.0 to accelerate the optimization of advertising DNA installed version.

Optimized version features:
1, the left Favorites folder to remove advertisements
2, remove most of the advertising interface interference
2, using the latest DNA acceleration, click on the installation dna-setup.exe
3, patch tcpip, FOR XP SP3 RTM click EvID4226Patch.exe or use XP-Antispy to patch connection limitation!
4, retaining only Jianfan, Britain (English), three languages
5, more than plug-in tools to remove, as far as possible to reduce the use of memory
3, connecting automatically blockade Thunderbolt (the test from the official)
5, super anti-spyware IP packet filtering (can be used for eMule)
7, automatically connect upnp & dna
8, Rising to test drug-free version of the Green-free installation
Produced by the stone

Download: BitComet_V1.0_setup.exe 3.74 MB Mirror

English (default) and Chinese Language files include, other language please copy from original setup to the folder.

Sebas Mod:
Features: NOREPORT Version - no upload and download report to tracker - you will shown as leecher - complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry) REPORT Version - only download will be not reported to tracker - you will shown as seeder - complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry) ORIGINAL Version - no changes and many more versions…. DOWNLOAD ONLY VISIBLE FOR YOU:
Pass: seba14
Caution! Application may be compressed packed with Armadillo or Thermidia. To unpack/clean use OllyDbg + Unpacking skript! ~26 MB, guess Armadillo protector, check windows registry by executing!
BitComet 1.00 Leecherpack.rar

Last Version with embedded Ads urls in code:
BitComet 1.01 Beta
Beta [20080327]
GUI Improved: new option in advanced connection settings ofpreferences dialog: Enable Anti-Leech
GUI Improved: FireFox extension add download video files command to context menu of web page
Core Improved: after enable Anti-Leech, connections which transfer little data during a long time will be disconnected
Core Improved: enhance video file preview, support avi, rmvb, wmv, mpg, flv, ogm, mkv, mp4 files

Download: BitCometBeta_20080327_setup.exe
ed2k Plugin: BitCometBeta_20080327_plugin.exe

Always up to date Builds Download Folder:

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