Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.7.9.466 Mangyou homes to install advertising removed and enhanced version DIY

Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.7.9.466 Mangyou homes to install advertising free and enhanced version of DIY
Thunder v5.7.5.435Thunderbolt use Multiprotocol P2P resources based on grid principle, exist on the network server and computer resources for the effective integration of a unique Thunderbolt client in the network. HTTP downloads also from the Internet are also integrated.

Welcome to the family Mangyou soul for you diy the Thunderbolt software. As the name of the same software as a "period of broadband download tool" Thunderbolt for broadband users do a special optimized to take full advantage of the characteristics of broadband Internet access, high-speed users to download new experience! Benban a practical basis, the software to do a number of human adjustment, the specific optimization See the following list:
1, the official version of the software under the Thunderbolt from streamlining optimization, integration ayu advertising removal to the core and optimize the allocation, perfect shielding advertisements, including background automatically downloaded advertising;
2, by adding support for the download linked to support Express, the web Thunderbolt, super cyclone dedicated chain download modules Through rigorous testing, stability, high efficiency, can be downloaded or support direct Enter Address will be copied to add tasks within the dialog box Download;
3, and remove all the components unrelated to download, including search dogs, Thunderbolt look at and listen to, interactive communities, error reporting, security checks, such as plug-ins, not commonly used to remove the traditional language, retaining only Simplified Chinese, optimization software kernel, reduce cpu and memory overhead, more suitable for running on the old machines, and further amendments to the original error-prone process and the stability of dummy dead;
4, for the convenience of the users of the software do the following settings:
Excluding run automatically boot
Removal of the Thunderbolt startup Tip of the day
Excluding startup Thunderbolt check whether the default download tool
Removal check the version update
Excluding surveillance clipboard
Excluding bt surveillance and emule
The default maximum number of connections to crack 35
Default source of the largest number of connections set to 10
The default set at the same time the mandate of 20
Thunderbolt default will be set to monitor click browser
If dissatisfied with the above settings can be configured through the options restoration;
5, perfect, intelligent installation procedures, installation of more rapid, more complete unloading, installation and testing you will be unloading the Thunderbolt software is running, and gives tips reasonable operation.
6, pure green software, in addition to part of the association, not written registry, without any bundling, when not needed can be easily removed integrity, please rest assured;

Software interface (click on the picture to see the clear): thundermyzj

Im not very sure if AYU's last mod is really Ayu as I heard he is busy this time to mod the Version but please see by self some links if they work or if this just ayu's config generator:

Some news from Xunlei (use online Translator):

English FAQ & Language Pack:
I am using Xunlei English Translation
Language Pack English (All Credits to Malaysia)

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