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Windows XP Service Pack 3 Build 5512 Final official Download Link - Direct Download

Windows XP SP3 Standalone Update now official available on Windows Update (WUP) site!
Below the official Links as standalone update pack!

Official announce 22-Apr-08:

We are pleased to announce that the standalone update package for Windows XP SP3, in all languages, is now available on MSDN via the Top Downloads location. Please read the directions in that section or on our FAQ about using Top Downloads. Windows XP SP3 includes previously released updates for the operating system, as well as a small number of new updates that should not significantly change the Windows XP experience.

As MSDN/TechNet subscribers, we highly value your feedback regarding Windows XP SP3 availabilty and one of our top priorities is responding to your requests for Windows XP SP3 bits as quickly as we can. Over the last few days, the team here worked with our bandwidth and system partners to come up with solutions to make Windows XP SP3 available to you as soon as possible.

We still plan to begin rolling out the integrated build for Windows XP SP3 during the first week of May. We value your support and enthusiasm, and will continue to listen to your feedback as we deliver the MSDN Subscription service.

Available in: English, Arabic, Traditional Chinese-Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Windows XP Service Pack 3 PATCH - see Top Subscriber Downloads list for your local language and English

XP SP3 RTM announcement:
Today we are happy to announce that Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) has released to manufacturing (RTM). Windows XP SP3 bits are now working their way through our manufacturing channels to be available to OEM and Enterprise customers.

We are also in the final stages of preparing for release to the web (i.e. you!) on April 29th, via Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center. Online documentation for Windows XP SP3, such as Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and the Microsoft TechNet Windows XP TechCenter, will be updated then. For customers who use Windows XP at home, Windows XP SP3 Automatic Update distribution for users at home will begin in early summer.

Read more about it here:

Also noteworthy is that the UAA (HD Audio) hotfix - KB 888111 - is included in the RTM build.

Update #1: The build string is 2600.xpsp.080413-2111, which would mean it was built on April 13th and then passed all the QC tests.

Update #2: Build number is 5512.

Microsoft periodically combines updates, fixes, and other improvements into a single package - Service Pack
Microsoft develops updates, fixes, and other improvements that address issues reported by the company’s customers and partners. To make it easier for customers to get these updates and enhancements, Microsoft periodically combines them into a single package, and makes that package available for all Windows customers.

Общие требования

Для установки пакета обновления 3 (SP3) компьютер должен соответствовать приведенным ниже требованиям к оборудованию и операционной системе. Кроме того, на компьютере должна быть установлена система Windows XP как минимум с пакетом обновления 1 (SP1).

Перед установкой пакета обновления 3 (SP3) рекомендуется установить пакет обновления 2 (SP2). Пакет обновления 2 (SP2) можно загрузить с веб-узла пакета обновления 2 (SP2) для Windows XP.

Требования к оборудованию

Для установки пакета обновления 3 (SP3) на отдельный компьютер необходимо, чтобы он был оборудован дисководом компакт-дисков и обладал как минимум следующими характеристиками:
- процессор с тактовой частотой 233 мегагерца (МГц);
- 64 мегабайта (МБ) ОЗУ;
- 900 МБ доступного места на диске во время установки.

Требования к операционной системе

Пакет обновления 3 (SP3) можно использовать для обновления следующих операционных систем:
- Windows XP Home Edition;
- Windows XP Professional;
- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (примечание: при установке пакета обновления 3 (SP3) на компьютер с системой - Windows XP Tablet PC Edition выполняется ее обновление до версии Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005).

Примечание. Следующие операционные системы невозможно обновить с помощью пакета обновления 3 (SP3):
- Windows XP Professional (x64);
- Windows XP Embedded.

Installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3):


English / ENglish Us:
MD5: bb25707c919dd835a9d9706b5725af58
SHA1: c81472f7eeea2eca421e116cd4c03e2300ebfde4
Size: 331,805,736

German / DEUtsch Build 5512 RTM:
MD5: e38b5c19a3d12ae8de0a12b1e098dd73
SHA1: 850cda9f57033a17d046a56d422547ea80dcaf61
Size: 328,324,136

German / Deutsch ( RC Refresh older ):
MD5: 0ceb9db5e1e7feecaf736724196c4c80
SHA1: bff98b4e9afe67c6b150e8ee3f7073d2c88aa971
Size: 328,321,576

French / FRAnce:
MD5: a9a9a86e7330bffaf64ae2acfb73d959
SHA1: 414b61bbc86e09579d8447baa23eb1b867f9ca93
Size: 324,222,504


Czech / CelSkY:
MD5: 71b2bad5aba6175408db51a7547ed9e2
SHA1: 7af606916b887dba9dd38ae282505ce2c2b81b08
Size: 322,523,176

Spanish / ESpaNol:
MD5: a3fc7285f1ee00ca57b06c6e7c875ca8
SHA1: e305becfc6fd5a8199368ceffc496397247ac60f
Size: 323,586,088

Hungarian: Windows XP

Arabic: Windows XP


Portuguese Brazil:

MD5: cd284633bb67dceca4db8221f6e67773
SHA1: 2162c1d419d1e462a7dc34294528b2daf593302c
Size: 323,000,872

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) FINAL PL ORGINAL CD MSDN
pl_windows_xp_service_pack_3_x86_cd_x14-61474.iso [Torrent]


CHinese Simplified:
MD5: a9d6f4586ec6929918b2c3fe29d0ce87
SHA1: D7067E86ABD4257454200D0C398D71C4CE6CD33E
文件大小: 335.1 MB

CHinese Traditional:
SHA1: 8a0625e10b8c6cb88d9d1952f1a189fbd761b744

SHA1: EB8FC9FF0890279346661DDE065C14B5C696E423

ALL Languages (32) direct from MS Download Here

Formula to get the right download link:

1. You need to know the SHA1 Hash number 50 digit long! (HashMyFiles.exe)
Search, ask, check your file if you got Final SP3 RTM via torrent, fileshare hoster download (the size is not bigger than 350 MB, no integrated SP3 Packs! Only standalone) and use any MD5/SHA1 Hash verify tool!
2. Your Language Country code 3 Letters! eg. Germany is DEU, Portuguese Brazil = PTB => YOURLANGUAGE
3. To get the download link enter url:

Sample: Italian = ITA (add _ sign after) SHA1 = 2162c1d419d1e462a7dc34294528b2daf593302c
so it will be filename: WINDOWSXP-KB936929-SP3-X86-ITA_2162c1d419d1e462a7dc34294528b2daf593302c.exe
Download link will be:


Google search

The same link but different version dates:


More updates...
All MS Downloads incl. Visual C++ etc...:

The Checksums MD5, SHA1 verify that it is RTM as before written here

GenuineCheck Tool for VLK: Redirect to:

AMD x64 - Intel Titanium 64 bit CPU

In order to safeguard the fairness of the test, re-tested before the deletion of the test area before, re-install the operating system, to ensure that each platform is fair to the test results. Using 3DMark、PCMark、Pasmark 32 and 64 bit. Based on test 3 DMark, PCMark, Pasmark, etc. In addition, several games have been used to test 32, 64-bit graphics performance.

Comparative test the operating system for Windows XP, XP 64-bit (version with SP2), Vista Home Premium 32, Vista Home Premium 64-bit (including the installation of SP1 and not installed SP1 contrast), Server 2008 Enterprise 32-bit and 64 Bit.

[Map] 32 bit and 64 bit XP, Vista SP1, Server 2008 performance evaluation completed:
shows the better direct by using 64 bit!

Other Service Pack Updates April 08:
Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Service Pack 1 (KB949426)

For TCPIP Max. Connection Limitation Patching use XP-Antispy which support all known Windows Versions include SP3:
UXTheme.dll can be patched by using universal extractor to unextract the service pack installer pack to a folder, slipstream integrate it in windows ( use /integrate switch before ) patch with nlite uxtheme.dll signed limitation in that iso and extract the uxtheme.dl_ with extract.exe, extract32.exe (part from makecab in windows sys folder)

or use UXTheme Patcher RTM: UXThemePatcher.exe

more Download links by friends blog:


Anonymous said...

software developers do not develop 64-bit software, up the waste in our daily 64 hardware, seemingly has wasted generation, the software is still not out ... This should be strange XP, Vista only if 64 Bit, and then out of XP 32, the world on the Pacific. the more memory is cheap for 64bit windows usage.

Anonymous said...

If you are MSDN or TechNet subscr. you will noticed about the release at the Top Download. This is the leaked link from ms update. It will be public available via windows update at 29th. You just got the links before 29th.

Anonymous said...

How to integrate:

1. create a folder on you c: drive - c:\xpsp3

2. insert the windows xp with sp2 cd, copy all folders and files to c:\xpsp3

3. download and execute, windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe /integrate:c:\xpsp3

4. the service pack 3 rtm has now been integrated into your windows xp with sp2 cd in c:\xpsp3.

5. you can either burn the contents of the folder c:\xpsp3 to an iso file for burning into cd
cdimage -lwxpsp3rtm -bc:\xpboot.bin -t12/27/2007;22:00:00 -g -h -j1 -o -oc -oi -yd -m c:\xpsp3 c:\wxpsp3rtm.iso

tools required (search google)

1. xpboot.bin

2. cdimage.exe (free from microsoft)

3. windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe (from links above)

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Oho include the picture copied:


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Portuguese Brazilia Verzion Please

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Bloggers united please post PTB Portuguese Basil if anyone have link as comment here!

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Knall Den Apple Safari aufs brandneue generalueberholte Win32 XP Service pack damit koennts gehen. Fals nicht warte bis zum 10. Mai auf den neuen Opera Dragonfly. Da sitzt ein neuer Developer auf den die ganz stolz sind. Mal sehn welche Ueberraschungen das mit sich bringt. Wie auch immer es ist der alte Motor, gut genug fuer low level CPU's da es leider nur wenig 64 bit software gibt. Hoffe die bekommen dennoch ne x64 edition zusammen demnaechst. Zudem stelle ich mir die Frage ob MS wenn nicht ueber die PR wo wir support haben sondern fuer alle eine kostenlose Service Pack CD verschickt. Sollte im Bereich des guten Service selbstverstaendlich sein wie zu Zeiten von SP2.

Lumo said...

More languages of XP SP3 RTM, including Hong Kong Chinese and perhaps others. ;-)

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Someone post Turkey Windows SP3 here please!!!

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Go to the new entrys please Updated New Languages on the Main site

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