Thursday, April 10, 2008

FlashGet V2.00 English Ads Free Edition (Build

FlashGet V2.00 EnglishBased on DIY Instructions:

1. Download and install the Chinese Version 2.00
2. Do not run the Installler!!! Extract the setup file flashget20cn.exe with universal extractor (it's a 7zip sfx installer pack with lots of unwanted addons bundled)
3. Move from Sub Folder $_OUTDIR the Following folders include the file content:
ShadowGrayBlue to Main folder \Skins
Create a folder name: modules and move the folders: P4pclient, ComHelper, Downstat, SnapShot from $_OUTDIR to \modules
4. Delete the folowing files in Mainfolder:
welcomepage.bmp, LiveUpdate.exe, LiveUpdateEx.exe, WelcomePage.exe, JCCHS.INI, welcomepage.ini
5. The Firefox Extension flashget.xpi is in folder $1 and in ComDlls folder
6. Delete the subfolders include all content: $_OUTDIR, $TEMP, $PLUGINSDIR, $INSTDIR, $COMMONFILES,


DIY to remove the advertisers:
* Remove the Google Toolbar
* Excluding popular advertising
* Close recommended advertising resources, clean interface
* MoDs remove callhomes of collected stats for Downloads and BT to a certain url.

Download winrar sfx (install, extract) ready patched, ads removed, English Language include Right Click webbrowser menu dialog in English: FlashGet (3.10 MB) DDL: flashget20en.exe
Mirrors: flashget20en.exe -
flashget20en.exe - Mirror

FlashGet v2.00 Ads Free Installer: FlashGet_DIY.exe (remove Chinese Language Files after Installation for English Standard, BHO Browser entry right click will be in Chinese Lang)
Ads Remover Patch for FlashGet v2.00: FlashGet NoAD.rar - Mirror
Ads remover Patch for FlashGet 1.x: FlashGet NoAD v1.1.exe

FlashGet 2.00 English Program exe Ads removed (Replace with original flashget.exe)
Download: flashget.exe - Mirror

TCPIP max Connection Limitation Patch all Windows OS (XP - all Versions SP, Vista also to 64-Bit systems...) use XP-Antispy Version 3.96-8:

Chinese Version Ads Free Mod:
* 删除Google Toolbar
* 去除热门广告
* 关闭资源推荐广告,清洁界面
* 添加繁体编码语言,实现繁体化界面


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