Wednesday, April 2, 2008

emule 0.48a ZZULtimativ-R V1.7

ZZULtimativ-R V1.7

Changelog 15.March.2008:

+ Kickall from Queue (waiting for this file)
+ AddLeecher in KnownClientsList
+ New Options Window for Groups
+ Publish Files to Server
+ SearchCheck
+ Max Chunks fixed (now works also without slotfocus)
+ Show Icons for Permission in SharedFiles Window (now fixed)
+ Fixed LogFilteredKADIPs (now saved)
+ BadGuy Icon in Lists
+ Changed LeecherClientList.dat !now -> LeecherStaticList.dat
+ Button in Cliendetails for add Username to Leecher Filter-List
+ Kick Client & add Username to Leecher Filter-List
+ Kick Client & add Modstring to Leecher Filter-List
+ Kick Client & add Userhash to Leecher Static-List
+ Changed: Delete Leecher List Buttons !now -> in Tools menu
+ Fake Check
+ Non eMule Clients working with Leecher Protection prevention
+ No Boosts for BadGuys
+ Global Hardlimit
+ HL-Parts of Sivka File Settings
+ Show Global HL
+ Score Reduce Prevention in Leecher Protection
+ Powershare in Statistics
+ BadClientFlag & Fix in Baseclient.cpp
+ Credits Reset Exploit Prevention
+ SLS - Save only useful sources
+ SLS - changed LowID-saving
+ Do NOT alter DVD-Video files VOB,IFO,BUP, etc.
+ Fixed Drop Banned Client from Upload
+ Corruption Blackbox Fix
+ IntelliFlush
+ Spreadreask
+ All Mod settings now saved in ZZULtimativ-R ini
+ Some little fixes
+ German language file updated

- Removed Fakealyzer
- ConChecker
- Unused Codeparts


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