Sunday, April 6, 2008

VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 - easyMule 080401

VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 - easyMule 080401
CHANGELOG easyMule 080401
* Optimization Low2Low connection control, upload and download speed increase
* Tray icon to add speed show
* Minimum Program window to the system tray reduction procedure
* Clipboard monitoring mission, if the mission had been downloaded does not monitor
* Download security configuration optimization
* Other interface improvements and a number of underlying performance optimization

CHANGELOG: VeryCD Build 080313
* Enhanced security upgrade
* Fixed some issues collapse

remove under Lang folder Chinese lang file for english version of this emule mod.

eMule VeryCD

eMule VeryCD


eMule VeryCD

Special Builds:

VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 without Webbrowser
Mod by ayanamist English + Multilang: eMule-diy.rar - Mirror - eMule-VeryCD-NO Webbrowser-diy.rar

Mirrors added:
EMule VeryCD (search remove restrictions) Build 080313 streamlined version Mod by ayanamist
VeryCD and changes to the original:
Removal of search and download interface in the "Comments" column
Complete removal of built-in browser
Mobile DLP eMule.exe of documents to the folder, and with enhanced version DLPv3112
Ip to country supports standard document format, the use of more accurate document ip2country
EMule official toolbar layout
Removal of a large number of unwanted module
Cancel installed in the expansion of TCP connections with the semi-open system connecting several semi-open the link between the use of eMule official ideology, can be set up independently.
Removal search restrictions
Joining some static server

VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 Mod with Webbrowser
English + Multilang: eMule-VeryCD with webbrowser.rar

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