Thursday, April 10, 2008

uTorrent 1.8 BETA Build 9363 Blue

uTorrent 1.8 BETA Build 9363 BlueµTorrent 1.8 in blau
Programm-Icon für µTorrent 1.8 in blau (

Program Changelog:

2008-04-04: Version 1.8 beta (build 9363)
- Fix: crash with some RSS settings files
- Fix: DHT processing

--- 2008-04-03: Version 1.8 beta (build 9360)
- Change: improved DHT processing
- Fix: infrequent lock ups with the Files tab
- Fix: Some cases where icons in add torrent dialog were not loaded properly
- Fix: Display of '&' characters in various places including general tab
- Fix: titlebar speed formatting
- Fix: 'remove' and 'removedata' actions in webui now respect the 'remove to trash' option

--- 2008-03-28: Version 1.8 beta (build 9272)
- Change: better error messages on bind failure
- Change: clear peer traffic logging options on startup (fixes noisy logging after 1.7 upgrade)
- Change: diskio.smart_sparse_hash for broken file systems (like Windows Home Server)
- Fix: UNC and long path parsing
- Fix: more "Invalid Parameter" errors when drives are not present when the torrent is added
- Fix: DHT dump buckets formatting for large numbers
- Fix: black progress bar on 0 byte files
- Fix: Enable/Disable Feed option on All Feeds item

--- 2008-03-21: Version 1.8 beta (build 9137)
- Feature: Different download listview settings for RSS categories and regular Torrents
- Feature: (advanced) option to use tall or short Category list
- Feature: improve distribution of new connections across torrents
- Change: open Category list on upgrade to 1.8, if there are any RSS feeds
- Change: increase tracker interval on failure ("failure message" and HTTP 50X status codes)
- Change: reduce number of digits on many list and bar speeds and sizes
- Change: informative error on bind failure
- Change: slow_ul/dl_threshold affects inactive/active status as well
- Change: default sort order for RSS categories to 'Added On'
- Fix: use different UPnP mapping names to prevent UDP mapping overwriteing TCP mapping on some routers
- Fix: peer.resolve_country
- Fix: higher scrape count for peers was not displayed in the torrent list Peers column
- Fix: HTTPS User-Agent for betas
- Fix: "Invalid Parameter" errors with long path names


Blue / Blau:

Special Edit German:
- removed
- changed DSL Reports to
- removed
- removed update check

- code optimized (Debug removed and more)

uTorrent.exe.lang.txt (German Language File. Copy to the uTorrent folder, same dir as uTorrent.exe)

Green Traditional:;O=D

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