Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DirectX 10 for XP 32/64bit RC2 Fix 2 - New Full Repack Version

Microsoft representatives have repeatedly stated that DirectX10 is not compatible with WindowsXP. However, the practice has shown that this is not the case! After a long search for a solution to the problem was found a way, rather loophole that helps run games and programs in the regime as Programmatic (with a video card that is not DX10) and hardware (Video Card with the support DX10) emulation DirectX10.
The DirectX 10 runtimes (diff. files) from Vista ported in a Inno Setup together, so that DirectX 10 support using the latest with vista bundled files can be installed on Windows XP 32bit and 64 Bit as well on windows 2003.

Version Info:
reported Build: DirectX (DirectX 10)
latest File:
mfc42.dll 6.06.8063.0000 Beta Retail English 18.Feb.07 22:05:34


RC2 Fix Version 2 - 15.03.2008

[!] Repacking of the libraries with inno setup 5.2.3.

[+] Introduction of an article on the inclusion of Options in DH10 Crysis!

[+] Added library from the March release DirectX

[+] Added library d3d8.dll and d3d9.dll of SP3 build 5503

[+] Updated version 5.2.3 installer before

RC2 Fix Version 1 - 05.03.2008

[!] Podpravlena error with the library d3d10.dll

[+] Changes in the language installer

RC2 version - 02.03.2008

[!] Replaced d3dx10.dll library and d3d10.dll to new versions podpravlennye

Version RC1 - 05.02.2008

[+] Podpravlena error with the library d3dx9_34.dll

[+] Changes to the installer

Version (0.90) - 03.01.2008

[!] New DirectX libraries to new versions

Version (0.85) - 21.12.2007

[+] added to the library you want to work 3DS MAX2008

Remark for the Game Crysis:

Advantages of DirectX 10 Crysis - marketing move. Crytek Company, which is the developer of one of the most technological Crysis fighters, all the time stressed that the whole beauty of graphics can be realized only in DirectX 10, available in Windows Vista. However, it turned out that the statements of no more than a marketing move. The same quality graphics on the video card can be obtained without the support of technology embodied in the API DirectX 10. This requires change in all configuration files in the directory "Game \ Config \ CVarGroups", the importance of "High" to "Very High", and then join all the "additional opportunities" DirectX 10.



Anonymous said...

Is this the DirectX 10.1 for WinXP? I currently have that but have yet to install it due to uncertainty and the current update it is in compared to this one. I was wondering if it's the same or not. I could send it to you if you like.

IlLusioN said...

Please upload it somewhere and send me comment with link so I can check if there any differences in the versions of the files.
This one is taken from Vista Direct X 10, I guess last vista SP1 mixed with latest winxp direct x runtime files, done by a Russian website by testing Direct X 10 compatible Games in software and Hardware support mod as much I could found about it.

@rew said...

Remember in soviet russia Directx play you.

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