Friday, September 21, 2007

Xunlei Thunder v5.7.2.371 DDR 1.5 The complete Advertising free Edition by DDRMSDOS

Xunlei (meaning Thunderbolt) is a business based in Shenzhen, China. It provides a popular peer-to-peer file sharing service, which is mainly used in the Mainland China and is in the Chinese language (HeHeHunter wrote the English Translation). Their popular softwares are Thunder(迅雷) and the newer developed Web Thunder. The standard original version contains adware. AYU is a Ads reduced Version mod . An upcoming complete ads free project, here in Version 1.5 DDR modification by DDRMSDOS.

Xunlei also offer download accelerating services which have been downloaded and installed by over 80 million users. Xunlei's websites attract over fifty million hits per day. In year 2006, Google bought a controlling 70% stake in the company.

Our fileshare downloads by Thunder mods have a Total downloads counts of: 216,411

I am using Xunlei English Translation

Thunder DDR1.5
DDR Latest Ads free Mod of Thunder, in fact, he also is the exclusive chain to the counter, the chain is dedicated to be, no alternative to DDR the complete Ads free Thunder.

Download Address:
and Mirrors:

DDR1.5 Updated version:
* Thunder listen to the optional plug-in installation
* That the two may lead to the collapse of the local
* Device thoroughly resolved in the next issue of the dll lack
* Default security components set to start state

Log Note:
1. Recently installed hear very well, I would add, to use in the installation to verify.
2. In another way to amend the advertisement, in fact, I long ago when a green version of this approach is to use.
3. As the authors of the lack of new msvcp60.dll, this time, I loaded default, but if the machine has been so will not fitted with.
4. Some netizens mentioned security units have been banned, the matter can be from the Thunder DDR center set up& inside the opening, but this time I opened directly by default.

Recently, many users have made more or less unstable situation, many enthusiastic friends TIE some call stack. Due to heavy schoolwork, rarely detailed response, a slight update to this, I do not expect to remove all of a mistake, of course, may introduce new errors. But as long as the machines can run on most normal I very satisfied :-)
I used Thunder version of the eDonkey escaped, good speed, 1MB about eDonkey should not have taken place so fast, it is clear from other parts of absorption of resources. (Text Google translated)

迅雷5.7.2.371 去广告DDR1.5版
Point here (10MB) High-Speed Download:

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Thunder5.7.2.371-ddr1.5.rar (5.71 MB)
English FAQ and Translation:

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