Tuesday, September 18, 2007

µTorrent - µ(Bit)torrent 6.0 Build 4747 - Final - Micro BitTorrent 6.00

BiTorrent v6 Beta:
- Icons (incl. Vista Icon)
- Discover loacal peers "Multicast"
- integrated weblinks (Torrent Search engines)
- Homepage µTorrent

µBitTorrent - BitTorrent 6 Mod

- Graphics / Icons replaced with µTorrent original
- URL's changed
- Speedtest, freedome of choice. A site where you can select 12 different provider - not only USA
- Updates / Download Dir
- Get Stuff: Main public Torrent sites (no commercial rental)
- Call Homes to all BT servers removed
crc corrected. compiled back same as the Original.

ubittorrent.exe (574.3 KB) - Mirror - Mirror - more Mirrors1 - Mirrors2

Download reduced size Version
The smallest BitTorrent 6 Final mod (micro) µBitTorrent EdiTion Fix please Download Again. Im terrible sorry I wrote demonoid wrong in the url by Get Stuff links.
ubittorrent-micro.exe (236.3 KB)
Mirrors: ubittorrent-micro.exe (236 KB) - Mirror -Mirrors - DDL - more Mirrors
Version Reduced striped down in filesize to uTorrents size ~235 KB cut the more Icons in BitTorrent v6 to the same as in uTorrent, by removing Vista Icons. The High Resolution Icons don't need much more space therefore they are include.

updated German Language File for Build 4747:
German Language File: bittorrent.exe.lang.txt (46.47 KB)

older Version for Build before 4747:
German Language File for BitTorrent 6.0 copy file 'bittorrent.exe.lang.txt' to folder where bittorrent.exe is placed (usually under Program Files\BitTorrent\) Download
Language File name must have the same name as the client. E.g. rename by this mod to ubittorrent.exe.lang.txt or install like utorrent and place in folder as written above.

Copy/extract to: Application Data Folder (%appdata%\uTorrent)
flags.conf - updated 2007-09-07 + flags.bmp - nicer 3D Flags from Emule
Styles: toolbar.bmp, tstatus.bmp
Icons from uTorrent: icon.ico, tray.ico, main.ico - from uTorrent (not more needed, Original Icon set is included in MoDs)
ipfilter.dat - updated 2007-08-23 from ozzy (see

P.S. just checked the speed to Germany (about same far as USA) with
Ihre gemessenen Bandbreiten in KBytes/s:
Download: 41072,36 KBytes/s
Upload: 45,53 KBytes/s

If someone know better links sites please post comment. Forum is uTorrent Hungary cause if hit translate many useful tips and help there. Help site is uTGerman cause best instructions e.g. how to make it portable and extras like ip filter and helpfile there. Now all is in one!

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