Tuesday, September 25, 2007

AntiARP-DNS Ver:3.6.3 Green landscaping stable version

In your campus network, your network is always dropping? Does not frequently visited Web pages or very slow? IP is often conflict? Your speed of the network is limited by the network management software Traffic sharping, throttled by ISP? (ARP attack is common software: Poly Health Network, Terminator P2P, network agents, network scissors in hand, LAN Terminator and so on ...)
These issues belong to deceive the ARP attack. ARP attack in the absence of fraud, data flow: Gateway; the machine. ARP spoofing attacks, the flow of data into: Gateway; attacker; this machine, this machine and all communications gateway between the data will flow through the attacker, subjugation; of the inevitable. So there will be a AntiARP - DNS, Hei hei. Strongly recommend the use of a campus network, can effectively solve these problems, its effectiveness.

AntiARP - DNS [plug]
It includes the right to deceive ARP and DNS attacks real-time monitoring and defense, the attack will prompt record tracing and control of the attacker to the lowest level of attacks. LAN can effectively prevent the illegal DNS deception or ARP attack, especially applied to the campus network. It can be resolved after the attack a "conflict IP; annoying boxes. If your machine is in the ARP like virus, please download worm to solve this procedure only auxiliary use. (ARP mandatory anti-deception, please refer to the official related article.)

Detect if ISP begins to throttle speed also by p2p

IP-Mac Scan [Auxiliary scanning procedure]
For its corresponding IP LAN batch scanning the real MAC, MAC to ensure access to accurate information. And also provide convenient batch conversion bundled IP-MAC to facilitate the network management needs.
Ps: The software is free software pure green, the driver does not need any support, not the underlying operating system, using them more stable and convenient. I will continue to update that a lot of home support.

Gui: Chinese Language

AntiARP-DNS 免费用户交流群1 号码:5068122

下载文件 3.1.0 Beta 点击下载
下载文件 3.3.3 Beta <无样式> 点击下载
下载文件 3.3.4 Beta <有样式> 点击下载
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下载文件 Ver:3.6.3 绿色美化稳定版 点击下载
压缩包大小:330 KB (338,362 字节)
文件MD5:9803667A76F9CE54552DCCAC4F27A632 ◇ AntiARP-DNS.exe
活动:喜欢3.6.6 Versions of friends after this version will be issued to the public.

Some machines use old problems, the specific reasons for the system cause problems. There is too much garbage system, plug-in too much, and so on... can be considered to reinstall System! After testing the system in a clean environment is running very stable. 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista pure version of the test if this message to the author Bug

History update records / Changelog :
2007-09-24 Version 3.6.3 Green landscaping stable version
1. done interface rewrite and re-typeset
2. Rewrite code, optimized code
3. Increased Stability
4. Increased different states of different icon
5. added a number of other small functions

2007-09-21 Ver: 3.6.2 Compact Green stable version
1. custom hotkey
2. New IP conversion WWW
3. Increased IP-ScanMac a call button

2007-09-20 Ver: 3.6.1 Compact Green stable version
1. Code restructuring package
2. Numerous amendments BUG
3. the IP Gateway
4. definition of new hotkey


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