Thursday, September 13, 2007

Net Transport 2.48 Build 376

Net Transport 2.48 (Sep 13, 2007)

1. Fixed some internationalization places.
2. Fixed a bug for SOCKS5 type of proxy that program in advance parsed destination domain before connecting to the proxy.
3. Fixed some display bugs under Vista.
4. Modified that the scheduled tasks, which is a script URL, would download all parsed URLs from the script instead of showing "Select URLs" dialog.
5. Modified that when you firstly install NetTransport under Vista, the default download folder was to be pointed to "My Documents\NetXfer".
6. Fixed a bug for SSH to handle the current directory correctly.
7. Fixed the incorrect command sequence for BT.

Net Transport 2.47 (2007.08.22):
* Replaced the old help manual.
* Fixed a bug in judging whether a URL is a Webpage or a file.
* Added IP filter for BT and eMule. Please refer to the new help manual.
* Fixed a bug that a task won't be scheduled when it plans to stop after midnight.
* Added "Type" column in the dialog "Torrent files".

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