Friday, September 14, 2007

Azureus Hacked Shu Mod Beta

Build 208
+ Implemented “Stop Torrent after X hours even if the conditions aren’t met” option

Build 207
+ Removed Client Spoof to Peers and Tracker
+ Added Perfect Azureus Spoof (change Azureus into different versions of Azureus) (see
+ Compiled with JDK 5.0 for Mac OS users
+ Updated the Dutch Language

Build 206
+ Enabled the VIP features

Build 205
+ Added Hebrew and Hungarian languages
+ Added option to stop seeding after x amount of hours (not implemented yet)

Build 204
+ Back to client identification

Build 203
+ Updated Romanian and Portuguese languages
+ Disabled spoof to peers as it is not available anymore
+ Azureus3 client now looks like Azureus (for banned trackers)

Build 202
Fix: shu options menu
Added: all the languages but they aren’t up to date

Build 201
beta with 1 feature not yet implemented : “fake to peer system”

Build 200
+ Compatibility with Azureus core
Warning : Alpha version ! Work in progress !

Download site: Hacked Shu Mod Beta

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