Saturday, September 29, 2007

TuoTu v3.0.105 [2007.09.29]

3.0.105 The official version of the download address:
Installation version:
Green version:

105 Version CHANGELOG 2007-9-29
* Designing the inter-core protocols to reduce the wrong data download and supports cross - above-edge agreement
* while watching the built-in player (beta), the list of panels can be seen in the right menu
* BT: percentage of files/documents bug (sometimes 99% have actually completed)
* BT: That first task will be more cards to stop the problem
* BT: Improved network transmission performance, were uploaded to single IP LAN can be reached dozens
* emule: compatibility with other clients improved
* emule: Additional options "Connect server, update the server list"
* emule: batch delete the server list bug
* HTTP: in case that 100% of progress has not completed bug
* UPnP: Increased THOMSON routers support
* Interface: preservation of history and other directory bug
* Others: interface improvements and fixes

The emule module is ported/stripped to emule.dll. Unneeded resources as in emule's own gui are removed cause Tuotu's GUI used. It's emule GNU/GPL code with community string TuoTu/yourname

Program is English/Chinese selectable GUI


Mirrors if server overloaded:

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