Sunday, September 23, 2007

BitComet Custom lite - Download v1.5

Custom BitComet is a free download for BitComet kernel-based, customizable dedicated resources for downloading. To be specific document provides customizable interface for downloading client, to facilitate the realization of large-scale online games and download the streaming software. BitComet download of customized integrated BitComet algorithm prototype combines BT's efficient distribution and the stability P2SP downloading, code more concise, very low memory and CPU consumption, greatly increasing the efficiency of the download to guarantee the quality of the download, save server bandwidth.

Features completely free, users simple, single-button download, and very stupid.
By BitComet core stability, high efficiency and low occupancy resources.
Using BT server technology significantly save bandwidth, servers can not support the addition of thousands of users downloaded at the same time.
P2P using distributed technology ensures the quality that each user can download a success.
BT seamlessly combines the efficient distribution and the stability P2SP download, while ensuring the efficiency and quality of services distributed, even users of the network can also use BT can guarantee download speed.
The system can be high, easy customization simple, custom compression for subsequent download size of only about 800KB.

info and mirrors:
Download: BitCometLiteMaker_1.5.exe (1.21 MB) (PECompact)
Full: BitCometLiteMaker_1.5_unpacked.exe

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