Saturday, September 8, 2007

Can a computer virus kill Hardware / CPU?

Intro read
- follow up Europe Computer Magazines Core Voltage by Intel Pentium (2, 3, 4,...) Articles published 2004, 2005, 2006
- Power supply consume of 5 V combination of AGP slot (Graphic Card) - Hard Disk devices - USB Bus Power and connected devices
- Software control application of temperature sensor / Power management
- Hidden / Background Bios / Firmware Flash (Mainboard, Graphic Card Voltage/Frequenz MHz)
- Graphic Board chip temp. high by "broken" cooler (overhead / thermal censor check off, not present) and the high 3 & 5 V power consume up to harddisk failure 5Volt power destabilized. (rev. Driver / OEM Driver)
- USB storage Devices req. more power (Watt) as USB specifications of Mainboard (ref. MP3 Player, Memory Sticks, specific software on memory sticks, USB Lights,... Active USB Hubs without external Power supply is connected).

- Software Developer - Anti piracy function especially in wide used applications. 1x execution of code (bypass all known antivirus see REGET versions 2005 - 2006 Harddisk NTFS errors),Harddisk Result after Reget Versions (2005-2006) Crash Report of Download files. HD file access error of 0 byte files under Windows/NTFS Boot CD's/Active Kill Disk and other Harddisk Tools.
Kaspersky Betas (see Kaspersky support Forums) by Windows Boot up SCANDISK + AV,...

Benefits by theoretical inclusion in a wide used software application (for example integrated anti piracy function) by destroyed hardware:
- Brokers (Brands like Intel, VIA, NVIDA,...) (
- secret contracts
- concurrent Brands/Devs,...

Last known new installed and executed applications on all systems before the last reboot with working hardware:
- WinRAR latest Beta (different download time from origin website) renew downloadable version/beta in same version including the more "black listed" keys...,
- IE7pro 1.1 Beta 1, 2 (Freeware/Adware accuweather)
- TweakNow RegCleaner Pro +
- Net Meter by (crk versions still phone home and pop up a reg screen after x minutes) Original/TeaM CzW/TEAM MAZE (just reg part unhooked, visual call homes in unpacked exe don't fix by removing urls the callhome function to stop application after code check 3 - 10 minutes close)
- ... analysis
- more info follow

Present Security Applications with daily updates
- Kaspersky Security Suite
- NOD32
- BitDefender
- Trojan Remover
- OS with all latest bugfixes from vendor
- Hardware Firewall + Outpost

This article is published cause 7 different Intel CPU's and Mainboards all Via Chipset / NVIDA Graphic cards OS Windows XP / Vista. w/o Network got destroyed in the last 5 days after reboot OS crash in GUI. CPU's where killed, Mainboards with changed intel P4 CPU's do not more process the bios init.

*Brand names are property of the companies

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