Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vagaa V2.6.5.3 build 0911

Vagaa is a Chinese all-in-one Multi protocol p2p portal with its own client "Vagaa". Vaga P2P client is a combination eMule and BitTorrent with web browser. It have a 3th adware/sponsor application. In history there was only vagaa as an emule mod.

◇ multi-protocol search engine
◇ preview movie Beta!
◇ Break parochial boundaries to accelerate emule,BT
◇ Optimization of network download, suitable for office and home users
◇ UPnP automatic mapping of network (all Windows platforms)

Vagaa build 20070905 Changelog:
1. Repair Internet network with individual settings bug;
2. Adaptation Windows Vista Mechanism for the right mouse button to choose Download with Vagaa ;
3. Source optimization Download strategies (V2.6.5.2)
4. Not the least of boot repair the problems start
5. Vagaa individual circumstances arising from the withdrawal abnormal bug;
6. BT Details can be downloaded from the definition keywords related resources
7. The launch of a new multi-protocol download mechanism;
8. When downloading drive less debris, Vagaa premise is the installation of debris before the district;

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Download site:

Download: vagaa-v2.6.5.3.rar (3.74 MB)

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