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Xunlei Thunder DDR - Thunder AYU | complete free ads Version DDR 2.1 - [Complete removal of the community interaction, column ads]

by ddrmsdos

Thunder DDR 2.1 (2007-09-07)

Thunder the complete Ads Free Version DDR 2.1

Whats new in this Version:
Microsoft network drives download mirrors provided (click access interface to download link):
Green Edition (= meaning unpacked /no setup/installation required):
Installation version:

Version DDR 2.1 Updated Version DDR 2.0 are 4 bug solved:
1. Installation of the first edition Thunder hot start will recommend the wrong box.
2. Patched a few threads in the task of amending inside information window will be reduced errors.
3. Thunder embedded search box, or other input can switch Chinese input method bug.
4. In windows2000 by startup failures mistake.

Now windows 2000 under normal operation can be completely. I ran inside the VPC, very fluent.
Download the new mandate does not activate the main window:
In Thunder windows closed to minimize or circumstances can but in Thunder window is merely window cover other circumstances, the main task of the new window will switch to the front. On the latter because I debugging time in almost yet to be found more elegant breakpoint, of course adding some code can be achieved (if the method or who has better ideas that I can tell), but to reduce the bug, the current version of stabilizing (and stability overrides everything) not consider...

Some members suggested there may not registered components, such as such as TGSearch.dll (run regserv32 filename) etc. ... In fact I do not know the exact role of these components, they are also unable to prove that removed after Thunder remained stable, I only know that some components removed after the download speeds seem to have some influence, If the users know who told me, so welcome.

Thank you for participation in the last test and make recommendations!
Thunder DDR 2.0 (New installation optional plug-in option)
Download here.
Microsoft live skydrive download server:

Green version of the Download link:
Green downloads
skydrive-live mirror server Network-green version: version is based on enthusiastic users of the previous versions of some of the criticisms and recommendations on the basis of changes.
Major update content:
1. Complete removal of the & community interaction column, Zao information can be retained at the same time, of course, Zao information "can be set to disable. (You can try to remove the effect than you might think even better)
2. That QQ of a special chain simulation, a former version of a bug would lead to the collapse of the browser, the new version of which has been repaired.
3. New center set up in the "new mandate does not activate the download window option.
4. Solve a few threads and tasks, threads 10 to 50 threads, up from 10 a few tasks to 100. Each thread of threads available from 60 to 120. (On this, I can not guarantee that greatly exceeds the threads in the process of stability, I just try to increase the limit, we hope that appropriate adjustments based on its own circumstances).
5. Some improved algorithm ...

On community interaction & column removal, I help the tester first, reportedly is very stable, because I have no time to the Internet, it is not carefully tested. Please use it to tell me if problems identified.
Many users have requested patch threads, I bitter this time the figures upward to a magnitude .....

That QQ for the chain is in fact a bug and the string of errors, generally speaking you with a number of pages dedicated chain repeated use QQ to be wrong, but now has been corrected over, please rest assured use.

I used sky Links Express software testing no problem with qq, qq whirlwind of Waterloo can also download the software
Well, so much stress on the final hope that we liked the software, if used in the course of any problems, such as the sudden collapse please BugReport to me and I welcome you to study exchanges.
Figure 2 below may be more of the local improvement:

The first map is now optimized DDR version, see the screenshot: In addition to community interaction, column, cleaner ...

The second chapter of the official version. Hack incomplete versions, see screenshots, "community interaction" advertisement columns:
Main Navigation:

ALL DDR Downloads:

Thunder5.7.2.368 Ddr2.1 Green.rar
Thunder5.7.2.368 Ddr2.0.rar

AYU Versions up to date from this BBS:
try also:

AYU VERSIONS: Thunder v5.7.2.371 NoAD Ayu
md5 (Thunder.v5.7.2.371.NoAD-Ayu.exe) = 40b98e3ffa9ebcdc57f7fa1edf69c15d

Max task 99
The original address to the highest number of threads 20
Right click use Thunder can download pop Thunderbolt main window
2007.09.11 Close to increase community interaction options

Thunder (2007.09.07)
* Optimization of the Thunder look at the effect on demand
Download Site:

Thunder去广告版 (9.11 Close to increase community interaction options)

Many people have asked to see removed from community interaction, and that this option did not update, this version has changed little, re-cited the following packages do not need to upgrade. . .

md5 (Thunder.v5.7.2.371.NoAD-Ayu.exe) = 40b98e3ffa9ebcdc57f7fa1edf69c15d

The biggest task should read 99
The original address to the largest number of threads 20
Right use Thunder can download pop Thunder main window

Changelog/Bug Fix:
Thunder (2007.09.07)
* Optimization of the Thunder look at the effect on demand

Thunder (2007.08.30)
* ED2k protocol support
* Perfecting the LEI information panels function
* Strengthened security download information display
* Download modules support more toxic
* FIX: DHT may not lead to a return to resources BUG
* FIX: One might lead to a memory leak BUG

(9.11 Revised version)
eMule download:

Future Versions and updates refer back to :

There is no silver bullet.

English Language Pack and Instructions: Xunlei Translation Pack 2.0A English
Xunlei’s FAQ by HeHeHunter (big thanks to make it the GUI readable!)

Google Translated

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