Tuesday, September 25, 2007

>>> End Of Section Leecher mods <<<

The question is why should we eat the food what we get if everyone can cook by self!?

We close the section Leecher Mods and jump direct to unpacking / creating patches etc. Reverse engineering over, so we are able to provide the tools to everyone can do its own mod. As seen in Sarmin's aka snake doctor aka S... (names), as seen in emule, all mods based on Apple Juice etc...
  • You will found here and on other places detail instructions how to edit code (hexeditor)
  • How to dissamble with ollydbg and other stuff.
  • What is to do to create this and that to change a to z.
  • How you can make your own mod and change others, create patches.
  • About User Agent (UA) torrent client id's a good source is RatioMaster 1.7.5 updated release (spoof / UA ID extended)
    by open the *.client files (for example utorrent_1.6.1_build_(483).client > = -UT161B- / uTorrent/161B(483*) so you can put for example btuga_218.client id into uTorrent (*ref %d point to version, rem it in uT/BT6 out) or every client of your choice BitComet/BitSpirit,... by replacing the UA in winhex or any hexeditor. User-Agent: BTuga/Revolution-2.6 / prefix= R26--- *%d
It's maybe for some Visitors to difficult but Downloads of Leecher Mods for P2P you found on every corner in the net. How to operate P2P clients etc.. for this answers exist forums everywhere.

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