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BitSpirit v3.3.1.232R

BitSpirit is an Adware sponsored Freeware BitTorrent Client. Full compatible with BitTorrent and BitComet (also Adware/Freeware sponsored). BitSpirit support DHT Network Kademlia based line.

ChangeLog BitSpirit (setup changed)??? Filenames have the same DateStamp/CRC as BitSpirit (stick with this, use Google Translate, its English Version of BitSpirit)
ChangeLog BitSpirit
FIX: In previous versions of Vista interface system errors;
FIX: In previous versions of Vista systems "system into standby mode to prevent" the normal work;
FIX: Under certain circumstances, choose to complete the progress of the download instructions incorrect;
FIX: Under certain circumstances stored in a mobile downloads will drive the increasing volume of output and not to increase the problem; (Reason: the system memory permitting, excellent disk read and write disk cache would lead to far higher than the spacing system before the closure of mobile equipment idle time)
FIX: v3.3.1.202 Future versions of the cessation always start the task of re-checking documents/files;
FIX: Bond bosses in the open mode automatic shutdown dialog (adjusted for the boss key to open and hidden it is not automatic shutdown);
FIX: After the commencement of proceedings opened boss key options (after the commencement of proceedings hidden);
Improvements: Best Link few patches, supported amending the Vista system connecting several restrictions;
FIX: The Vista system unable browser menu, right through the "Wizard downloaded using bits" to add tasks;
FIX: The Vista system unable to direct Internet Explorer browsers, drag link to add mini-column of the task;
Improvements: Through the personal settings free choice download-player used by the players;
Improvements: The mandate was not activated in the case where documents can be priority / options paper operation;
Improvements: Perfect task of adjusting to the path and the preservation of the download file Adaptive Mobile;
Improvements: Do not download some of the seeds of unwanted paper/files (referring to advertising);
Improvements: Other relevant procedures friendship and stability of the minor improvement;

The official version of the Download links:

Chinese Version:
English Version:

IP Dat International:
IP Dat China:
Note: IP database downloaded needs to unpack QQWry.dat copy to the installation plugin subdirectory of the directory. Users can also download an updated version of the IP database.

For now only a Patch to get a Ads reduced Version but Baidu's ads tracing will be not solved with it. Last Ad Remover (reduce some ads, work with this Version!): BitSpirit. (29.38 KB) | FileShare Mirrors

Start up splash.bmp can be improved, if you like with RLE bmp splash screen B.y S.eba
save image as splash.bmp and replace with the default.

比特精灵(BitSpirit) psgl完美优化版 or 比特精灵(BitSpirit) V3.3.1.232 完美优化版

Last Complete Ad Free Mod Versions:
BitSpirit V3.3.1.232 Perfect optimized version
比特精灵(BitSpirit) v3.3.1.232 psgl完美优化版
比特精灵 psgl完美优化版
比特精灵 v3.3.1.150 psgl完美优化版

Include Seba14 latest report and noreport mods, latest ozzy ip filter dat, optimized splash, sources upx optimized, better xp sp1,2,3 and vista with XP-Antispy (max connection tcp patch limit), all Languages added.

NOREPORT Version by seba14
- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

REPORT Version by seba14
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

ORIGINAL Version by psgl
- Ads completely removed, Baidu's too, some optimizations by psgl

Download: BitSpirit V3.3.1.232 Perfect optimized version incl. Leecher.rar (7.75 MB) | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | DDL | DDL

The included Torrent Builder was ASP Packed (protected) It keeps me skeptical thinking so I unpacked it for a later analysis disassemble Borland C++ OllyDbg ( or WD32dsm89.exe (
UNPaCKT Builder.exe here and here or here (ignore the asp pack signature rests, I wasn't clean it from the unpacked file)
Maybe someone have time to have a look if it can be improved (eg.: smaller torrent parts/pieces...remove callhomes and make to the new version the LP builds (upx -d filename.extension for the other files decompress)

Google Translated

BitSpirit LP by seba14

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