Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BitSpirit v3.3.1.209 Enhanced version

1. A meticulously comprehensive optimization.
2. Perfect remove advertisements. The left side of the site, including unwanted retain useful BT website.
3. Removing default launched LOGO, launched accelerated speed. (Install version can choose whether to remove) (duno why they don't use rle compression bmp)
4. Fully imitate the original installation, the Natural retain procedures stability.
5. Removal Baidu search plug-in advertising tracing.
6. Reservations English language paper only, English
7. The IP database up to date as of August 25 (using the latest IP database)
8. The first time after the commencement of the installation, commissioning bit Wizard will automatically set up wizard, select suitable for your network configuration.
9. The default closed chat function, lower occupancy resources.

Original Text here

Download: BitSpirit v3.3.1.209 Enhanced version.rar (4.52 MB)

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