Monday, September 10, 2007

eMule 0.48a R-Mod v2

eMule 0.48a R-Mod v2
R-mod features:
* Standaard nickname: [] Dare to Share [R-Mod].
* Standaard Server lijst van Releases4U van de meest betrouwbare servers.
* Standaard in het Nederlands dus voor iedereen makkelijk te gebruiken.
* Server updates staan uit zodat je serverlijst niet vervuild.
* Het eMulepawcio IP-filter van de officiele eMule site wordt elke dag ververst zodat je altijd de laatste versie gebruikt.
* |Brein|Zambor|FX|DI-Emule|Disrael|Ketamine zijn opgenomen in je berichten filter zodat je daar geen lastige berichten van ontvangt.
* Het IRC kanaal van Releases4u is standaard in de mod, dus je kunt direct chatten met de crew en members op ons IRC kanaal.
| R-Mod v2,base on eMule 0.48a |
| Modded by pP for |
| Debugging helper: uns33n.evil (SLD) |
| Düsseldorf/Duisburg/Berlin? NEIN DANKE!! |
| Leecher-World? ERST RECHT NICHT!!! |
R-Mod v2.0 (Release: 07.Sept.2007)

Added : AJ Mod detection (Xman1)
Added : Inform queue clients after IP change via opcode (Xanatos/Spike/Stulle)
Added : Inform sources after IP change via opcode (Xanatos/Spike/Stulle)
Added : SpreadReask (Slugfiller)
Added : ownCredits for clients >0.48a (pP, addon for vqb::ownCredits)
Added : Missing R-Mod Prefs (pP, reported by DS9)
Fixed : Directoryfix in Indexed.cpp (pP, Bugreport by godlaugh2007)
Fixed : Wrong Userhashcheck (pP, Bugreport by Ilmira)
Fixed : Autoprios, not responding partly (pP)
Updated: AutoPrios - less code,less vars (pP)
Removed: ReAsk Sources after IP change (Stulle/Xman/Maella)
Added : larger filebuffer, dynamic flushingtimes v2 (pP)
Added : Antileech column in Queuelist (Debug) (pP)
Changed: Replaced ToolbarIcons (pP, style from
Added : Toolbar (Wizard/Shadow2004, emf 0.4)
Added : Don’t draw hidden Rect/Columns (MorphXT)
Added : Variable Compression (Netfinity)
Added : Fakealyzer (Netfinity)
Added : Find best sources (Xman1)
Added : show correct ePlus-Version (Spike2)
Added : Bad Client Flag (Wizard)
Changed: Compiled as release ;)
Changed: Added some php tags to CReport (pP)
Fixed : Double update of ModIcons and IP2C (pP)
Added : Friendcontrols to all menues (pP)
Replaced: pP AutoHL With Wizards AHL (taken from Tombstone by Wizard)
Added : Mod logo (pP, logo supplied by DS9)
Added : PS traffic stats (Wizard/emf 0.4, modified by uns33n) (Why modified? Why not tagged? pP)
Added : Powershare (based on ZZUL, taken from r10x)
Added : preset server.met url (pP)
Added : ModLog (pp, taken from r10x)
Added : SourceDrops (pP, taken from r10x, modified by uns33n) (Why modified? Why not tagged? pP)
Added : Startup flood prevention
Added : ClientAnalyzer (Wizard/emf 0.4)
Fixed : changed UPnP icon due to R-Mod ConnectionStates (pP)
Added : AutoHL from r10x (pP)
Fixed : IP2C flags were not shown under Vista (thx @ dlarge)
Added : Manual SLS (KTS, from SmartMuli)
Updated: SLS implementation (uns33n, jva version from emf 0.4) (Why no proper tags? pP)
Fixed : SLS did not save (pP)
Changed: Merged to 0.48a final (pP)
Changed: Conditional modstring sending (pP, taken from r10x)
Added : Obfucsate Http Transfers (leuk_he)
Added : Icons for PrefsPage (pP, icons from Spike2mod & Neo Mule IIRC)
Added : R-Mod status icons (pP, icons from funnypixel @
Added : Status icons for missing Connection states (pP)
Added : Setable SlotSpeed (pP)
Added : AutoPriority (pP)
Added : Calc score only when needed (pP, idea Wizard/Maella)
Added : Columns: UL/DL & OwnCredits (pP)
Added : OwnCredits (Inversed Credits) (VQB)
Added : Show Userhash in NetworkInfoDlg (pP)
Added : ICS (enkeydev/emf 0.4)
Added : Anti HideOS (netfinity/emf 0.4)
Added : DiffQR and Ul/Dl tabs (pP)
Added : Recoded CemuleApp:SetPublicIP() (Wizard/emf 0.4)
Added : ConChecker (eMF 0.4)
Added : Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change (Spike2/Pawcio)
Added : ReAsk Sources after IP change (Stulle/Xman/Maella)
Added : CReport (Session stats) (pP)
Added : Colored/Bold active Downloads (pP)
Added : FunnyNicks (xrmb/MorphXT)
Added : Chunk Visual Separation (CiccioBastard)
Added : ChunkDots (Slugfiller)
Added : Save/Load Sources (enkeydev, from SmartMule)
Added : Client Percentages (MorphXT)
Added : Avoid Credits Accumulate Fakers (MorphXT)
Added : ActiveRatio (netfinity)
Added : DelayedNNP (netfinity)
Added : DropStalledDownloads (netfinity)
Added : DBR (netfinity)
Added : ModStats (TPT)
Added : SessionRatio 1:3 (pP)
Added : IP2COuntry (eMF 0.4)
Added : Icons for other ClientSofts (pP)
Added : ModIcons (eMF 0.4)
Added : static ModString (pP)
Removed: official Ratio (pP)
Have fun

Download BIN: r-mod_2.0_bin.7z as zip: R-Mod v2.0
Download SRC:r-mod_2.0_src.7z as zip: Sourcecode
Mirrors: BIN - SRC ...more Mirrors BIN - SRC

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