Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Universal Share Downloader v1.3.5.31 (2009-09-29)

Universal Share Downloader v1.3.5.31

History version of Universal Share Downloader
[+] - Added new
[*] - Fixed
[*] When links paste with "anonymozers" (killers "referer" field) getted
latest http address
( ->
[*] When paste links from YouTube copyed from embeded players sometime
pasted link when was player embeded
[*] Modding of link not save links list.
[*] Dublicate link check into Add Links window
[*] Dublicate link check with capital and small letters
[*] Fix change statuses of link from plugins function OnError
[+] In tray menu added "Start/Stop" item
[+] Added update servers into list.
[+] Now plugin can return status "Downloaded" (for sites/links with
several links to files. Before this used "Deleted" status for
source link)
[*] Added links from plugin have path "Save to" as source link
[*] Again work clean up function for "Save to" history
[*] "Downloaded html" and "File deleted becouse have a 0 size" now count
as bad try. USD not will cicle on one link
[*] Fixed some other little bugs
[+] Added option "Show only updating modules" allow show only updation
modules into update window, if options "Download not exists plugins" and
"Download all language files" checked off
[*] Fixed output capcha description, if description is too big
[*] Fixed some little bugs

[+] Added options "If pasted some links description have only first".
[+] Now possible enter capchas via WebServer
[+] Into window for enter capcha now support comments for capchas

Always up to date:
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Size: 8,00 MB (8.392.502 bytes)
CRC-32: 23c33d13
MD4: 399b051f9c4a11db881a447a7adc4583
MD5: 107d2344ad7eaccc826fbf5c5817d1b7
SHA-1: b63acd4386d8ff94a2296b642ed46363a4b5670a

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