Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 beta 1 pre | Firefox 3.6 alpha 2 pre - Namoroka

The Firefox version number is "3.6" and the Gecko Platform version number "1.9.2". The release will be shipped as a minor update to users, replacing Firefox 3.5 ("Shiretoko").
Note: links below are early beta builds to test. Binaries are compiled with test debugging code!

Feedback and Test Reports:

Namoroka is to be an incremental release, building upon the success of Firefox 3.5.

Namoroka focus on the following areas:

Observable improvements in user-perceptible performance metrics such as startup, time to open a new tab, and responsiveness when interacting with the user interface. Common user tasks should feel faster and more responsive.

Personalization & Customization
Integration of the Mozilla Labs Personas project, improvements to the Awesomebar and form autocomplete.

ImageBanana - Unbenanntbig.png
firefox-3.6a2pre Namoroka Multilanguage Versions: - Unbenanntdesk.jpgImageBanana - Unbenanntbig.png

To change to Aero Skin in Strata, move the content with its subfolders and files (open with 7zip or similar) from \chrome\classic.jar:\skin\classic\aero

that's located in: classic.jar:\skin\classic\aero\global *.*
\aero\browser *.*
\aero\mozapps *.*

a level up to chrome\classic.jar:\skin\classic\
as shown in the picture.

Dynamic Theme switching can be enabled by editing \defaults\pref\firefox.js
pref("extensions.dss.enabled", true); // Dynamic Skin Switching

HTML5 parser by editing \greprefs\all.js
// Enable/Disable HTML5 parser
pref("html5.enable", true);

by some WYSIWYG html online editors it is suggested to enable:
in line:
// Clipboard
pref("capability.policy.default.Clipboard.cutcopy", "allAccess");
pref("capability.policy.default.Clipboard.paste", "allAccess");

questionable website access to geo client ip location feature on desktop pc's can be switched of permanent in line:
// Enable/Disable the geolocation API for content
pref("geo.enabled", false);

firefox-3.6b1pre Namoroka Multilanguage Versions:;O=A

English only:

More recent Namoroka builds to test:

other os:

3.6a2-candidates (to time only for Windows CE - check back soon for other os)

A newer Namoroka Beta is scheduled and in awaiting ( according to:

Beta 1 (early September 2009)

* all UI iteration pieces landed
* string-complete for localization

Beta 2 (late September 2009)

* polish release
* all major stabilization issues resolved
* final API changes for add-on developers

Release Candidate (mid/late October 2009)

* aiming at final release for November 2009

...more info:

64 bit Firefox Builds:

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