Sunday, September 13, 2009

Firefox 3.5.3 private build PGO optimized build by Tete


* Applied PGO to C Runtime DLL.
* Made libpixman and libtheora into DLL to make it easier to test.

Some bugs have been found in the final build 3.5.3 and were corrected in the later nightly builds.

* Windows 2000 and later recommended.
* No installer.
* recommended to changing the value of "general.useragent.extra.firefox" from "Shiretoko/…" or "Minefield/…" to "Firefox/…", and some sites and add-ons will work properly.
* If you execute 'Module binder for Private Build' and finish modules binding, Firefox may be started faster.
* An incompatible nssckbi.dll installed in a different directory can impede the startup of a new build. If so, please rename the old nssckbi.dll temporarily before trying to run the new build.
* Applied Miyasaka's "IJG's JPEG software with x86 SIMD extension V.1.02".
* Added patches into a Source folder.

Restore the version of sqlite to the mozilla's original version.


Firefox 3.5.3 [2009091323 en-US win32 tete009 sse2 pgo] (7.8MB) | Mirror

* MD5: B98916B53572E2ED14C377A4D3AFF305
* SHA1: 7667172931434D096938F8A6B3A24AD16FF6E39C

Firefox 3.5.3 [2009091323 en-US win32 tete009 sse pgo] (7.7MB) | Mirror

* MD5: 6A62F08CA6F6A45AB20FC91CD42AEBA0
* SHA1: BDEC4352FBF59A2D4E7C914E5E87BC16E4CE78C1

Addons to run sqlite vacuum within FF:

64 bit Firefox Builds:

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