Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ad Muncher 4.73 Beta Build 31256 - Best Systemwide Adblocker Software! - Works with all Web Browsers and much more...

Ad Muncher 4.73 Beta Build 31256

Ad Muncher is a system-wide ad blocker, dealing with annoyances like banner ads and popups along with new rich media ads like video ads, interstitials and floating ads. Many types of spyware and adware installers are also blocked, as well as third-party tracking systems. It works out of the box, without the need to choose what you want blocked or configure third-party filter lists, and works with all browsers and many advert-displaying programs such as ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Music Jukebox, SopCast, iMesh, BearShare, Pando, PalTalk, etc.

Here are some key features of "Ad Muncher":

· Blocks adverts in all browsers.
· Blocks unwanted popups in all browsers.
· Blocks adverts in programs like ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster, Opera, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc.
· Speeds up page loading, thanks to the missing adverts and popups.
· Blocks many annoying site behaviors.
· Filters quickly and reliably, thanks to six years of constant development and feedback from users.
· Includes extensive options for those who like to tinker, allowing you to remove anything that annoys you.

Ad Muncher is the best ad killer, with many useful settings for any ads/pop-ups.

· Pentium 60, 32 MB ram, 2 MB disk space

· 30-days trial (expendable)


Note regarding Ad Muncher v5.0:

Previously we mentioned that we were working on rewriting Ad Muncher in C for the
sake of porting, maintenance and stability. This rewrite was originally planned
as a single large release named v5.0. The plan has since changed to releasing
several interim versions on the way to v5.0, each with progressively more C code
replacing the existing assembly codebase. Ad Muncher v4.7 will be the first of
these interim releases.


Ad Muncher v4.73 Changelog

Release date: Currently in development

Most significant changes: A completely new system has been implemented for
filtering JavaScript content, which provides much more
reliable popup filtering and significantly reduces the
chances of unwanted interference with web sites.

Significant filtering performance improvements have also
been made, along with other minor fixes and improvements.

This release also makes Ad Muncher compatible with
Microsoft's new Windows 7.

Link to full Changelog


DownloadAd Muncher
File: B-31256.exe
Size: 479 KB (490.496 bytes)
CRC-32: efef8803
MD4: c8c2c1b10965c5c41a6b854ab45417a7
MD5: 1eef40783e70c7306878b9bd60175aa9
SHA-1: 9936cdd4352d8005704fd6f9ebddf90f728a71cc

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"Please do not post this beta to beta sites, shareware sites or software news sites."
Alphas and Betas are in some cases only for Software Development and Test Software pages - not for the wide public.

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Invest in Anti Advertising Software is a good thing!
Save wasted bandwidth, cleans websites from all annoying Ads and least not last speed up browsing!

Within a few hours browsing the net are quick 15 MB bandwidth saved (used for Ads).
Can't say how much it will be in real as I use Windows Hosts file with a few thousand entries combined with a few hundred block rules in Hardware Router Firewall filter together with Outpost Pro integrated Ads Filter system wide active.

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