Thursday, September 17, 2009

LimeWire PRO 5.3.4 Beta | LimeWire Pro 5.2.13 Final for Windows

LimeWire Pro does not have any toolbars added to the windows installer. In Pro compiled Version are no search limitations. LimeWire Pro comes with a nice blue skin included.

5.3.3 (9.9.09)
* Add a a setting for the maximum number of seeding torrents so that the torrent upload list will not grow forever.
* Rotate various 'Upgrade to Pro' notifications for Basic users.
* General bug fixes.

See Jira and Fisheye for more specifics.

5.3.2 (9.2.09)
Uses a different 'Upgrade to Pro' notification box.

Latest Limewire Pro 5.2.13 Final
LimeWireWin.exe 21.80 MB

Latest Limewire Pro 5.3.3 Beta
LimeWireWin.exe 21.44 MB

Source code - always latest Snapshot: (how to compile:

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