Sunday, September 27, 2009

Echofon for Firefox 1.9.2 - Formerly TwitterFox Addon | Firefox emusicd Songbird compatible

Version 1.9.2(9/18/2009)

* Fixed an issue that "OK" button doesn't work on Windows/Linux platform
* Fixed an issue that change account doesn't work appropriately
* Fixed an issue that Echofon scrolls to top when it receives new tweets

Version 1.9.1(9/17/2009)

* Fixed infinity password prompt if user set master password.
* Updated several translations

Version 1.9 (9/14/2009)


* Change application name from TwitterFox to "Echofon for Firefox"
* Sync unread with Echofon for iPhone (formerly TwitterFon)
* Refine design
* Display cached tweets with auto pagination
* Added recipient field for in reply to and direct message.
* Supported hash tag link
* Display sent direct messages
* Combine sequence tweets


* Fixed an issue that source link contains "rel=nofollow"
* Improved opening window
* Applied new EULA (for sync with iPhone)
* Enable/disable spell check by user's settings
* Shift+click to open a link with new window

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Firefox extension page:

older Versions:
catch the reply or star button with mouse bug

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