Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sep 25, 2009 AutoHotkey Version is released:
AutoHotkey is a simple yet powerful hotkey (shortcut key) scripting language for Windows. You can customize your keyboard, joystick and mouse with a free automation tool that is backward compatible with AutoIt v2. Make any key, mouse/joystick button, or combination into a hotkey. Create custom GUI windows and menu bars. Automate almost anything: Send keystrokes & mouse clicks; launch programs/documents; work with the clipboard, registry, & soundcard settings. Includes quick-start tutorial, automatic script writer, and comprehensive help file.

This tool is very handy for automating repetitive tasks and creating hotkeys that aren't limited to combination allowed by Windows.

Those new to scripting will want to read The tutorial at the author's site. It is easy to read and very helpful.

The version of the AutoIt3 compiler is adapted for use with AutoHotkey scripts.
See and for details.
AutoIt3 Note: See the main AutoIt source.

Changelog: - September 25, 2009
Fixed crash of SendMessage and PostMessage when wParam or lParam is omitted (broken by [thanks Lexikos] - September 25, 2009
Fixed StringSplit to work properly inside functions of compiled scripts (broken by [thanks engunneer & Lexikos]
Fixed SendPlay not to wait for the release of the Windows key prior to sending an "L" keystroke (broken by [thanks Lexikos]
Fixed A_EndChar to be valid when the B0 option is present, and to be empty when there is no ending character (broken by [thanks Al2000]
Fixed FormatTime to yield a valid time of day even when the specified month is out-of-range (broken by [thanks silveredge78]
Fixed FileCreateDir to support a leading backslash even when it is the only backslash; e.g. \dir. [thanks jaco0646]
Fixed GuiControl/GuiControlGet/Gui/SendMessage to work reliably even when they trigger a callback or OnMessage function. [thanks Lexikos]
Fixed RegExMatch() not to produce too few replacements when an empty-string match is followed by a non-empty-string match.
Changed "While()" to be recognized as a loop rather than a function. [thanks Crash&Burn]
Improved UrlDownloadToFile to support FTP and Gopher. [thanks Lexikos]
Improved the stdout/asterisk mode of FileAppend to write immediately rather than lazily to standard output. [thanks Lexikos]
Added full support for "if % expression". [thanks kenomby]


No installer:

Many applications are made with it for example most Google Chrome Portable loader, most Software from:,, etc...

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