Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Privacy Choice Opt-out Plugin 2.2.1

Increase your privacy and Web browser security!

TrackerWatcher shows you what companies may watch what you do on any web site and how they promise to handle your information.

Who watches you?
With TrackerWatcher you can monitor privacy while you surf.
Click on the eye from any page and see who's collecting information.
See summaries and excerpts from privacy policies, and opt-out.

TrackerWatcher 1.0.5
Companies that serve advertising, deliver content or collect research can watch and remember what you do across websites.
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* One click opts you out of dozens of trackers like Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo! and AOL. Learn how this works.
* Opt-out completely or only from companies with concerns. Keep content and ads relevant without compromising privacy.
* Free. No registration required. Virus and spyware-free. Change your preferences or uninstall at any time.
* Firefox add-on is strongly recommended to keep your preferences in place.

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See the
Network Privacy Profile for your website:

trackerwatcher Monitor privacy while you surf.
Get the trackerwatcher add-on for Firefox:

Downloading the Add-On Now


Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) Firefox Add-on:

A large number of advertising companies now track users' browsing across the web, in order to profile them, and then serve them highly targeted advertising. This so called behavioral advertising is a threat to the average user's privacy.

An industry group, The Network Advertising Initiative, provides an easy way for users to opt-out of the tracking performed by its 40 or so member companies. Consumers can visit a single web page, and then easily set opt-out web cookies for all of the NAI members advertising networks. However, there are many other advertising firms who are not part of the NAI, and so consumers are currently expected to visit the websites of each of these 50 or so other companies in order to opt-out.

In addition to the issue of users having to visit 50+ different websites to opt-out, another major problem with the current approach that the moment a user clears his or her cookies, they also lose the opt-out cookies. Regularly clearing browser cookies, or better, setting the browser to erase them all at the end of a session, is a recommended practice. Unfortunately, by doing this, users are then required to re-visit the various advertising opt-out Web sites page each time they start browsing the web. This is obviously not a reasonable thing to expect.

By installing TACO, these opt-out cookies are automatically installed into the Firefox browser, and are made permanant. That is, clearing your cookies will delete all regular cookies, but leave the non-identifiable opt-out cookies behind.



This code was originally based on the Advertising Cookie Opt Out Plugin by Valentin Gheorghita, a Google Engineer.


Adblock Plus
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adblockplus-1.1.1+.2009091902.xpi 19-Sep-2009 02:20 299046


Ad Blocking FiltersetP
August 31st
Please add ads (dot) brazzers (dot) com to your hosts file. When you come across it, Firefox3 gives you a warning that it will cause an endless loop, and FiltersetP will not block the ads/FX3 warnings. You can search on Firefox Forum for hosts file information. I'm not adding it to FiltersetP at this time because it does no good.

# Load as user script for Greasemonkey, Chrome, and Opera users.
# Load as user script for IE7Pro users.
# Load as plain CSS for Opera users.

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