Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chromium portable -dev

Chromium (Entwickler-Build 26101)
WebKit 532.0
V8 1.3.10

DL Builds:;O=D
List of switches:

new switches:
--ux-theme (for the default or "new" XP/Vista theming engine),
--classic-theme (for the older "Classic" theming engine)
--generic-theme (for the new Skia-based test theme).

Change the URLs used to access "view-cache:" and "view-net-internals:". "net-internal:*" ==> "chrome://net-internals/*" "view-cache:*" ==> "chrome://net-internals/view-cache/*" "view-cache:stats" ==> "chrome://net-internals/httpcache.stats" As before, there are also aliases from the "about:*" page: "about:net-internal[/*]" aliases "chrome://net-internals/*" "about:cache[/*]" aliases "chrome://net-internals/view-cache"

Beginning from build 25626 rel XP
If Chromium crash try backup your profile folder except user scripts, all the sqlite database files, bookmarks, history,.... include the extensions and themes.
Start Chromium with an empty profile folder, restore Sync Data folder.
Do sync to import the bookmarks. Chromium should run again.


Chrom(e){ium} is extreme fast and low in memory consuming!

Latest zip:

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