Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chromium Portable -dev

Chromium (Developer Build 26xxx)
WebKit 532.0

DL Builds:;O=D
List of switches:

new switches:
--ux-theme (for the default or "new" XP/Vista theming engine),
--classic-theme (for the older "Classic" theming engine)
--generic-theme (for the new Skia-based test theme).

Change the URLs used to access "view-cache:" and "view-net-internals:". "net-internal:*" ==> "chrome://net-internals/*" "view-cache:*" ==> "chrome://net-internals/view-cache/*" "view-cache:stats" ==> "chrome://net-internals/httpcache.stats" As before, there are also aliases from the "about:*" page: "about:net-internal[/*]" aliases "chrome://net-internals/*" "about:cache[/*]" aliases "chrome://net-internals/view-cache"

Portable Chrome can be customized using all kind of switches, optional remove cookies and clear catch by every Browser start settings in PortableChromium.ini.
Browser UA can be changed in PortableChromium.ini.
Download comes with the portable launcher source code AutoHotKey (AutoIt).
Future changes can be made, if desired. For example using in a non portable environments by installed Chrome/Chromium to easier handle the switches with PortableChromium.ini
A selected collection of usefully UserScripts for Chrome is included.
Same as by Iron - all questionable user privacy features have been removed.
Does not exist in Portable:

part of user experience metrics client id, timestamp, Error Reporting, RLZ-Tracking rlz.dll, Google Updater, all the rest depending on the configuration.

Download 11,4 MiB

older Build: PortableChromium-

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