Monday, September 21, 2009

RoboForm for Google Chrome - Chromium - Safari for Windows - Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.x, latest Opera and all other 'unsupported Browser' as Bookmarklet

RoboForm for Google Chrome, Chromium, SeaMonkey 2.1, Safari for Windows,...

Ai RoboForm released a Bookmarklet for all 'unsupported Browser' such as Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Roboform Integration Bookmarklet

Using the online 'free' Sync server with this RoboForm bookmarklet with Google Chrome and Chromium as well latest Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.x Builds can make use of RoboForm Password Manager.

Hey check this out und sage uns was du denkst: (benötigt RoboForm Online-Konto).

Hey check this out and tell us what u think: (needs RoboForm Online account).

Bookmarklet instruction:

Past to the Browser Bookmark bar: Roboform

News source:

required to install GoodSync with RoboForm to copy/upload the passwords lists from RoboForm first to the server.

The websites says:

"The RoboForm Bookmarklet allows RoboForm Online users to login to websites automatically using their existing RoboForm logins, even where RoboForm is not installed.

The RoboForm Bookmarklet also works on browsers where RoboForm is not currently supported such as Chrome, Opera, and Safari giving users much greater flexibility.
Who Benefits from the RoboForm Bookmarklet?

* RoboForm users using previously unsupported browsers, like Chrome, Opera, and Safari1.
* RoboForm users using previously unsupported browsers operating systems like OS X, Linux, and Smartphone devices.
* RoboForm users using a computer where RoboForm is not installed."

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