Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LimeWire PRO 5.3.2 Beta for Windows

LimeWire Pro does not have any toolbars such as ASK added to the windows installer. LimeWire PRO compiled Windows binary comes without any search limitations. LimeWire Pro includes a nice blue skin.


5.3.2 (9.2.09) - (2nd Sept. 2009)


Uses a different 'Upgrade to Pro' notification box.

5.3.1 (9.2.09)


* Add prioritize files ability within a torrent. You can set the priority of which files to download first and can set which files not to download at all.
* Friend notification when using the Facebook service with Friends.
* Update to the file information dialog box.
* Fix the Media Player.
* Fix a bug when the splash screen would cause an exception on system startup.
* Fix a bug when restoring LimeWire from the Mac tray with the splash screen visible.

For more specifics, see Fisheye.

Mirror: LimeWireWin.exe (21.41 MB)

Source code always latest Snapshot:
( how to compile: )

To verify original LimeWire pro compiled bin signed, go file properties. A valid digital signature with date/time stamp signed from LimeWire must be in the file properties, if its not it's a fake!

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