Thursday, September 17, 2009

SkipScreen Lite 0.1.09172009 - Firefox extension for downloading from 'one click filehoster'

official changelog:

SkipScreen Version 0.1.09072009

compatible with: Firefox: 3.0 – 3.7a1pre

* Added (thanks to Ahmed)
* Added (thanks to Ahmed) - with audio-preview option (turn off via options, like zShare)
* Fixed: Rapidshare Needs JavaScript/Download-button-visible error
* Fixed: Rapidshare "no slots available" handler was added
* Fixed: (website changed around Sept 5)
* link-protector fixed and upgraded (prefix-type links supported)
* better url-handling; removes errors on URLs without a TLD (eg "http://localhost/index.html") [if you don't have the 07282009_url_fix release)
* scroll-bars added to options-pane (when window is smaller than lists)

The next two items help support future development of SkipScreen //removed in lite - use public feedback on instead
* Optional SurfCanyon search-refinements (disable / enable in options panel, works for Bing, Yahoo, Google)
* Optional Zugo "SkipSearch" start-page (opt-in at launch)



* better url-handling; removes errors on URLs without a TLD (eg "http://localhost/index.html")



* Added: Hotfile handler; the waits are automated!
* Added: SkipScreen entry on the tools menu for the Options and About panes
* Fixed: bug where SkipScreen banner was present for non-download Linkbucks pages
* Added: Linkbucks family sites:
* Added: randomized retry delays for Hotfile, Uploaded, Depositfiles, and RapidShare (+-10 seconds added to the automated retry when simultaneous downloads are being automated)
* Changed: minor modification to some of the "waiting" messages during automation

Lite Version changes:

Made by AnotherJohn

Removed unneeded stuff:
- removed: SurfCanyon search-refinements;
- removed: Zugo "SkipSearch" start-page;
- removed: Post Download page and content;
refer to:

+ Changed: set max version to latest Minefield
+ Changed Other: improvements to the code base
+ Added: German Local support
+ Changed: status nfo to blue design and make smaller
+ Changed: some {SS} status messages on browser title

optimize code to less than the half extension size (from 58 KB to 19 KB by removing obsolete js parts)


Latest Version:
Download/Install | Mirror


Older Version:



Megaupload auto-fill captcha

Auto-fills the megaupload captcha and auto-starts download,

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