Tuesday, April 3, 2007

ReGet Deluxe 5.0.295

ReGet Deluxe is a powerful download manager for professional users. Installs and works on Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 and higher, Windows 2000 (Server and Workstation) SP3 and higher and Windows Server 2003.

1. Download and install regetdxlang.msi
2. Download and install regetdx_5.0_Build_295.msi
3. Reg. with: Registrator_ReGetDx_v5.0.295.exe

Opera Plugin 1.6
HTTPS Support Plugin 1.2
ReGet Shell Extensions 2.2

ReGet Deluxe 5.0.295 incl. all addons (3,33 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

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