Monday, April 23, 2007

eMule 0.47c µMule 2.0


- added UploadChunkDisplay
- added Credits Reset Exploit Prevention
- added P2P Worm Detection
- added Safe KAD
- added File Faker Detection
- added Anti-XS-Exploit
- added Obfuscation allways active
- added only obfuscated server connections -> no fake servers and fake search results
- added new toolbar
- added Uploadtoolbar
- added show webbrowser on startup option
- added don´t show progressbars option
- added unlimited search results
- added rating column + availability icons
- added filetype column
- added add comments in downloadlist
- added usenet search
- added reward rare file uploaders
- updaded DynamicBLockRequests
- removed SLS
- removed Sourcecache
- reworked creditsystem
- some bugfixes

eMule 0.47c µMule 2.0.rar (1.45 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

µMule 2.0 is upx compressed.

We have recompressed it with upx 3.01 and got the file size smaller

Here the result:
older upx version emule.exe compressed size: 1,52 MB (1.596.928 bytes)
MD5: 49ed40c785c2e7f1f0e514396a5fb559 emule.exe

new upx version using upx.exe --lzma --best --ultra-brute --all-filters
emule.exe compressed size: 1,29 MB (1.361.408 bytes)
MD5: 830f47fb21f67f6e4e750eba10abf225 emule.exe

Download: eMule 0.47c µMule 2.0 repack.7z (1.27 MB)

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