Friday, April 27, 2007

eMule v0.47c Uni A-Team v2.5.1

eMule v0.47c [Uni A-Team Mod] based on Xtreme Mod

- Added option for starting in invisible mode
- Added new version of Design settings [Stulle]
- Added new column in uploadlist for remote queue status
- Added new column in uploadlist for displayng current uploading chunk [morphxt]
- Rewritten UniATeam toolbar code to look better with design settings
- Rewritten serverwnd additional buttons code for design settings
- Changed: minor optimizations around invisible mode
- Changed: Spooky mode button is displayed in serverwnd only if it's enabled in options
- Fixed columns with wrong background in DlClients and QueueList
- Fixed bug in connection checker state
- Updated small part around some emulations
- Updated small part around enhanced client recognization
- Updated Webcache [morphxt]
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.2

Clean Install required.

eMule 0.47c UniATeam v2.5.1 bin.rar (9 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)
old Version: eMule 0.47c - Uni A-Team Mod v2.5

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Great mod!!!
very very fast!

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