Thursday, April 19, 2007

eMule 0.47c Blackbeard v1.9


Blackbeard v1.9 FIXED

- New management of the sources
- Addition of missing codes
- New management of consumption memory
- Cleaning (started from code useless)
- New quickstart (gatchy Wink )
- Chunk Chooser from Xman's Xtreme (zz or Maella chunk system)
- New drop system (pP)
- More fake communities
- Lots of little fixes

eMule 0.47c Blackbeard v1.9.rar (1.61 MB)

old Versions:
eMule Blackbeard v1.0.rar (5.46 MB)
eMule Blackbeard v1.5.rar (1.59 MB)
eMule Blackbeard v1.6.rar (1.59 MB)
eMule Blackbeard v1.7.rar (1.59 MB)
eMule 0.47c - Blackbeard v1.8.rar (1.61 MB)

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