Friday, April 20, 2007

eMule 0.47c Silversurfer v2.1

based on eMule 0.47c eMuleFuture 0.3
modified by dlarge

- added Auto Soft Lock (Xanatos taken from X-Ray)
- added Nice Hash (KTS/dlarge)
- added SLS (Load/Save Sources) (KTS/dlarge)
- added Low ID retrys (KTS/dlarge)
- added Don't kill source if it's the only one complet source (Sirob)
- added Don't kill client if we are the only one complet source (Sirob)
- added don't overhide pszReason (Sirob)
- added UDPReaskSecurityCheck (netfinity)
- added Credits Reset Exploit Prevention (netfinity)
- added Fake HighID prevention (netfinity)
- added Horde op-codes (netfinity)
- added next connect theft (netfinity)
- added Extra safety check for Sockets (Maella)
- added Fix for Check if a source has now chunk that we can need (Maella)
- added Fix for multiple OP_HELLO (Maella)
- added Extended clean-up II (Maella)
- added 80% score for non SUI clients (Xman)
- added ask for download Priority (Xman)
- added filter out unreachable LowID-sources reveived via sourceexchange (Xman)
- added Fix for Add passive source after we evaluated OP_REQUESTFILENAME (Xman)
- added display the obfuscation icon for all clients (Xman)
- added Power Release (Xman)
- added preview also for music files (MorphXT)
- added Fix for Used to not wait uploadqueue timer (110ms) (MorphXT)
- added temp workarround to prevent a chrash on shutdown (MorphXT)
- added Don't draw hidden Rect/Columns (MorphXT)
- added Update Item Thread (MorphXT)
- added Import Parts (MorphXT)
- added DL Part completion speed-up code (BlueSonicBoy)
- added ReadBlockFromFileThread (MorphXT)
- added Queued Flush Thread (Xman)
- added Flush Thread (MorphXT)
- added Slot Release (Slugfiller)
- added Chunk Dots in Downloadlist (Slugfiller)
- added MultiSort in all Lists (Slugfiller)
- added SafeHash (Slugfiller)
- added Confirmed Download (xrmb)
- added Better Client Attaching (Xanatos)
- added Loop Improvement (Xanatos)
- added Report Hashing Files (Mighty Knife)
- added Automatic shared files updater (Monki/Stulle)

- changed Tooltips Info in Systray

- updatet german.dll

- fixed Bug in Update Page 2
- fixed Bug in Queuelist for Qr Info
- fixed little optical Bugs in Downloadlist
- fixed Bug for Smart Upload Control

- removed Session Ratio (Wizard)
- removed Multi FU (Wizard)
- removed Power Share (Wizard)
- removed unused Codes (clean sources a little bit)



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