Saturday, April 7, 2007

eMule 0.47c BlackStar V 0.5 by 3vil3y3

Based on emule 47 c emulefuture v0.2, included client analyzer

This is not a beta or final version, just a prerelease for test (Not tested under MS. Vista os.)

-Added drop manager
-Added manuel drop
-Added Slot Control (min 2, +1 always reserved)
-Added manuel ban time -> up to 90 hour
-Added Auto kick HQR source (optional)
-Added 3vil3y3 SuPM (Credit Based MorePowerfull Upload Controller, a lot of different combination already included, like kick 1.5 Mb upload (for nnc clients), kick 5.2 Mb upload (first upload for needed sources), or auto kick bad uploader etc.) "Highly Recommend"
-Added 3vil3y3 Booster (and reverse booster), Flexible booster for good & bad or noneeded uploaders, credit based usefull for future ;=) "Recommend" (Why needed a booster? If we want best download "time" we must boost good uploader clients "also if don't needed, we will reverse boost Smile", don't forget this is still best way for best download time, especially for rare files)
-Added Ban4Ban (personally I think this is not usefull, or bad idea, but who cares...)
-Added Fakerank "lowlevel" + optional High level" this is work for just official clients, some mods passed.
-Added Ban after 1.5 Mb upload for No Needed Clients (NNC) (if you want to use)
-Added zero upload (of course if you want to use) + added Pass good uploaders but not functional yet...)
Note: zero upload removed at the moment. This feature activated in the next release (maybe). And min upload limit 3 Kbit for unlimited Dl.
-Added NoUpload other clients (fix, edonkey etc.)
-Added Manuel ban, unban & kick (fix)
-Added reask & remove source (fix)
-Added 3vil3y3 antileecher, anti community and many more
plus added No ban just block option for antileecher function but still testing, try it guys.. (if we want to download them, but they are Smile No, I don't think so)
-Added antishape but our limit 4.8 Mb Smile
-Added spread reask time (fix)
-Added RB3 hack (Already enabled)
-Added Show country, credits ratio in client details window (fix)
-Changed start upload wait time 1 -> 5 min for startup flood protection
-Added visual enhancments, Mark low ID, Show session download, client perct. etc more detailed graphical interface) in download list, a little visual bug already in stopped or paused downloads but no problem! I will fix it next version (I hope)
-Added remote state, up/dl & community visualizition in uploadlist (community not finished yet, still I need some good code or samples)
-Fixed Some connection collision
-Some client analyzer code changed
-A lot of minor code fixed
-Recommend client analyzer credit system
-If you want to see SuPM manager & others how it work's, enable verbose option.
-And Smile Finally added 3vil3y3 Auth System, You Need a valid key for mods features.
Sorry guys but why I need this feature? cause I always hated some dixxhead's.
Send me your client Unique Code (you can see under 3vil's tweak -> extended) I will send your unlock key, but be sure your copy & paste, cause your unique code different all others and included a lot of symbol+ASCII codes, maybe private messages system not acceptted ASCII codes I don't know! If private message system not accepted ASCII codes&symbols, try your notepad, copy & paste your unique ID and "save as" "UNICODE FORMAT" and send me.

Note: Your "UNIQUE ID" and "UNLOCK key" just for one pc, your key never want to work on another computer Smile.

If you want to use my mod without a valid "unlock key" all mod features turned to bad guy mod Smile + ratio, up & down works like an assh0le.

Download: eMule 0.47c - BlackStar V 0.5.rar - (Mirror)

Rem: Description are taken from mod coder, good luck!

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How can i contact the modder to get a valid key?

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