Friday, April 6, 2007

eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.3

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.3:
Apr, 5. 2007
based on Xtreme v5.4.2

Applejuice Community:
- changed max allowed non-Community Slots
- minor security improvement on Community Client identification
- many improvements on Applejuice Kademlia Network
- find a bit more Community Contacts

Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed Creditdownload Factor was not changed for a Client on swapping requested file
- loading Applejuice Credits works now also if KadID changed
- improved saving Applejuice Credits
- reduced CPU usage of Applejuice Creditsystem a bit

- Filename Obfuscation
- Upload only to Community Clients
- Connect only to Community Clients

- if Anti-non-eMule Clients is enabled do not allow non eMule Clients to entry queue
- fixed bug putting client back to queue because of a client with higher Upload Level
- fixed manual unban for manual banned clients
- find more Community Topfiles
- some minor fixes on Mass-Rename [MorphXT]
- some minor changes and fixes

- more icons for new Community Clients
- fixed sorting clients in 'Applejuice' column in Download List
- mark clients we removed because of a client with a higher uplad level in 'score' column at queuelist
- changed tray icons for download-graph [backpacker]
- show filename of files we are searching for sources via kademlia in kademlia search list (also for keyword searches)
- Italian translation [laraspa59]
- French tranlsation [johnson]
- some fixes

Max allowed non-Community Slots:
The number of max allowed non-Community Slots depend on your average session uploadrate.
UL <>= 105KB/s: max 4 Slots

Filename Obfuscation:
This Feature shows only random Filenames to all non-Community Clients requesting your files.
So nobody will be able to prove that you are aware of what exactly you are downloading.

Upload only to Community Clients:
TO ensure that we always have upload after eMule is running for 15 minutes this only works
if we have at least 30 (Community) Clients in our queue.

Download: - (Mirror)

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