Monday, April 9, 2007

eMule v0.47c Fireball v1.1

eMule Fireball Main Features:
- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open and Slotfocus
- Release-Features like Powershare, Share Only the Need and Active Spreading
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and Friend handling in every List on Transfer Window
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients

Changelog eMule v0.47c Fireball v1.1:
Apr, 9. 2007

- Active Spreading [DavidXanatos/Ekliptor]
- increased upload priority for Community Clients requesting Powershare-Files

- Slotfocus: focus all upload bandwidth on one (or as little as possible) upload slots
- Drop Clients with low Slotspeed: put clients who accept less than 10% of our slotspeed back to queue
--- don't allow them to entry our upload again for 30 minutes
--- give them 75% of their waitingtime back
- fixed bug with amount based max upload to Community for low ID Clients
- fixed bug putting client back to queue because of a client with higher Upload Level

- Anti-Leecher System [Leecher Detections by Xman/MorphXT/DavidXanatos/WiZaRd]
--- Username and Modstring detection
--- Nick-Thief and Mod-Thief detection
--- Bad and SUspect Packet detection (detects Bad Hello Tags, Extra Bytes, Ghost Mods,...)
--- Spam and other bad actions detection (detects Spammers, XS-Exploiter and Clients hiding files)
--- Detection-Level
-----> Detect only real Leechers (only usernames/modstrings of very bad leechers are detected, no Ghost Mod detection for Webcache/ICS Tags)
-----> Detect all Suspect Clients
--- Punishment
-----> No Punishment
-----> Score *0.9 - Score *0.1
-----> Upload Ban
-----> IP Ban
- never ban Friends
- Log Anti-Leecher actions
- check manual entered own Modstring if it will get banned
- removed some parts of official GPL Breaker detection, we don't need anymore because of own Anti-Leecher System

- force Community Source Exchange until we got 3 answers and repeat it every 6 hours
- fixed major bug saving Applejuice Credits of other Clients
- reduced CPU usage of Applejuice Creditsystem a bit
- find a bit more Community Contacts
- fixed bug Highspeed Creditdownload counter could stop

- default IP-Filter update address
- some minor improvements and changes

- icon for files with enabled Active Spreading in shared files, upload and queue list
- mark clients we removed because of a client with a higher uplad level or they could not accept our slotspeed in 'score' column at queuelist
- Leecher Client Icon
- add/remove friends and start/stop friendslot in every list on transfer window
- show filename of files we are searching for sources via kademlia in kademlia search list (also for keyword searches)
- show current Community Mode in Upload Feedback
- fixed upload priority Powershare was not displayed on upload feedback
- fixed Remote QR status 'full' was displayed instead of 'no needed parts' in rare cases on uploadlist and queuelist

Active Spreading:
With Active Spreading you can search for incomplete sources of your complete files. So Active Spreading
will search for Clients who want to download your complete files. Active Spreading automatically
disables for 12 hours after you found 400 clients sharing the file or you got 300 requests for the file.
It also disables if soft queue limit is reached.

Changelog eMule v0.47c Fireball v1.0:
2007, never released

- Powershare for complete and incomplete files (only for non-Community Clients)
- auto disable Powershare for files depending on complete sources count, transferred data or transferred percentage of filesize
- Share Only The Need for Powershare-Files (for complete and incomplete files, but only for non-Community Clients)

- improved amount based max Upload to Community
- allow to remove Applejuice Creditdownload Clients and Friend Slot Clients from Upload in some special cases
---> because of amount based max Upload to Community
- reset data needed for 'max Upload to Community'-calculation in some cases
- fixed bug replacing normal Community Clients with Applejuice Creditdownload Clients

Applejuice Community:
- Applejuice Kademlia Network
- always connect to Kademlia Network if Applejuice Community is enabled
- save and load Applejuice Credits
- Community Topfile List
- reduced overhead a bit if Applejuice Community is disabled

- manual set filebuffer flush time
- increased max filebuffer limit to 20MB
- Intelligent filebuffer flushing [WiZaRd]

- select sending Modstring
--- send Fireball Modstring
--- send random Modstring
--- send other Modstring (manual entry Modstring)
--- send no Modstring (Anonymous/Ghost Mod)
- manual swap Sources (all Sources of a file or a single source) [Xman]
- better passive source finding [Xman]

Transfer Window:
- Community List
- Mod Clientdetail Window (only enabled if advanced Mod Features is enabled)
- fixed sotring in Download Status column on Uploadlist and Queuelist
- fixed one message on enabling Applejuice Creditdownload

- show Powershare Priority in Sharedfiles list and Queue list at priority column
- always save Applejuice Credits on exit (if disabled you get a popup on exit)
- Log eMule Mod actions
- German translation [tigraboy/Ekliptor]
- some minor changes

Share Only The Need for Powershare-Files:
This feature forces every Client to download rare spreaded chunks by hiding all other chunks.
So this feature helps spreading files uniform.
If enabled, we will only show to every Client all Chunks with fewest sources and he not already has.
If this meant we show only one Chunk to the Client, we will also show him one Chunk with second
fewest sources and he not already has.
We will also show him all Chunks he already has.
Of course files will always be complete available in the ed2k netwrok because all chunks
which are only shared by us are always chunks with fewest (0) sources.
Applejuice Community Clients will always see all Chunks.

Changelog eMule v0.47c Fireball v0.9:
2007, never released
based on eMule v0.47c

- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open [sivka/Ekliptor]
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and IP ban and add to IP-Filter in every List on Transfer Window
- increased min Upload Limit to get full download to 12KB/s
- increased min USS Upload Limit to 9KB/s

Applejuice Community:
- Applejuice undetectable Community
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- ignore Full Queue for Community Clients (they can always entry the Queue)
- ignore File Hard Limit for Community Clients
- Community Source Exchange: find all Community Sources of a file
- always transfer full Chunks to Community Clients
- Upload Levels: Clients in Queue are primarily sorted depending on their Upload Level (and secondarily by Score)
- better sending of Queuerank to Community Clients on first connect
- never filter messages of Community Clients
- never ban Community Clients
- send and receive average uploadrate to/from Community Clients
- Max Transfer Difference per Client in MB
- amount based max Upload to Community (70% - 100%)
- Autostart Applejuice Creditdownload at a certain amount of Applejuice Credits
- stop automatic started Creditdownloads at a certain amount of Applejuice Credits

Applejuice Creditsystem:
- full Applejuice Creditsystem Upload and Download support
- set Applejuice Creditdownload Factor from 1.0x up to 80.0x
--- use default Factor Setting for all files or set Factor manual for each file
--- automatic only pay as much as necessary to stay in Upload of other clients

- removed official eMule versioncheck
- eMule Fireball versioncheck
- do versioncheck every day

- changed default username
- send Modstring to all Clients which support it
- some other changes

Transfer Window:
- show Modstrings in all Clientsoftware columns and Client detail page
- Color Applejuice Creditsystem Transfers
- show Average Queuerank and Difference Queurank in Download List [Xman]
- Applejuice Creditsystem and Community column status in Download List at each File
--- the column shows the Iformation in the following format:
-----> ApplejuiceCreditsystemStatus LoadingCreditDownload/TotalLoadingCommunity [TotalApplejuiceCommunityClients]
-----> example: 4.0x 7/9 [16]
- Show advanced Mod Features
- update queuelist on opening it and better updating of queuelist [Xman]
- upload toolbar
- Clientsoftware, total Up/Down and Download Status Column in Uploadlist and Queuelist
- Community Client icons in every list

- display Fireball modname and modversion
- new system tray icons
- new Splashscreen and Sidebanner [backpacker]
- new toolbar icons [backpacker]
- Futuremods link on toolbar help button and Fireball preferences window
- changed versioncheck links to Futuremods Forum
- Copy Upload-Feedback
- wrote some lines about Fireball to "about box"
- don not log all Protocol Obfuscation actions in verbose log
- show Community Mode on title
- some other changes

Applejuice Community Modes:
Normal Community Sharing
---> You can use all Applejuice Community Features and set your Community Upload from 70% to 100%.
Reduced Community Sharing
---> You can not use the Applejuice Creditsystem. Your Community Upload will be 50%.
Disable Applejuice Community:
---> You won't get boosted from other Applejuice Community Clients and you won't boost them too.

Max Transfer Difference per Client in MB:
You can enable this as a part of Upload Management. When it's enabled you can set a Transfer Difference per Client (his Dowload from
us minus his Upload to us) and every client who reached this Difference won't get in our Queue until he's under this limit again.

Applejuice Credits your Download costs:
With Applejuice Creditdownload you can "buy" immediately Upload from other Community Clients if
you have enough Credits to buy a Slot in his Upload.
If Creditdownload is enabled you will pay a certain amount of Credits for each MB you download
from a Community Client. How many Credits you maximal pay is automatically set depending
on how many Applejuice Credits you have and your average Uploadrate. This value can be between 1 and
80 Credits per MB. How many Credits you really have to pay is different at each Client who gives you
an Uploadslot. You will only pay as much as necessary to get an Uploadslot (0.1 Credits more than the
highest Client in his Queue). So the real value is mostly between 1 and 4.

Applejuice Credits for your Upload:
normal Clients: 1MB -> 0.01 Credits
Community Clients: 1MB -> 0.8 Credits
Applejuice Credit Uploads: 0.8 Credits + 10% of the other Clients Download-Creditfactor
For every MB you upload of a complete File you get +0.1 Credits if the downloading Client is a
Community Client (also Applejuice Credit Uploads).

Homepage: eMule Fireball Releases

Download - (Mirror)

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