Tuesday, April 24, 2007

eMule 0.47c NetF WARP 0.3a.5


Sub-Chunk Transfer
- Crumbs, enables sharing of not yet completed parts
Faster Endgame
- Dynamic Block Requests, tries to make all sources to complete at the same time
- Delayed NNP, keeps downloading sources a little bit longer in case a part turns out corrupt
- Drop Stalled Sources, cancels stalled or slow downloads when file is about to complete to give way for faster sources
- Redownload only data of banned clients on corruption
Anti-P2P Protection
- Safe KAD (slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes)
Credits and Payback
- VIP ("Payback") Queue, as the Payback queue but with different bandwidth management
- Balanced Ratio Payback, make clients, who have a ratio higher than your inverse ratio, VIP's
- Smart Part File Push, rebalances between complete and part files based on previous upload
All the features of the ESE Mod

Known bugs:
'Only Recover Banned Data' might cause looping downloads or complete stalls if corruption occurs and NetF fail the recovery process.

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.5 BETA
- Added 'Fakealyzer' (Colour guiding on search results)
- Fixed a few bugs around the new part/crumb map handling code

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.4 BETA
- Some changes to improve download throttling stability
- Fixed the issue with clients getting slots without having any waiting time / score
- Fixed a rollover issue with the datarate calculations (Only occured on very fast links)
- Fixed a numerous bugs with files larger than 4GB in the code introduced with the Crumbs support
- Fixed an issue causing part files to not load after restarting the application
- Fixed some issues with downloading incomplete files smaller than one part

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.3 BETA
- Added basic Crumbs support (Only publishing and download. No verification!)
- Added the 'Fixed TCP port' feature as configurable through the 'NetF.ini' file (set SymmetricTCP=1 in [NetF] section)
- Added a NetF logo in the splash screen [thanks Typoteus]
- Added additional IP checks in 'Safe KAD' code before storing a node
- Fixed a few merging errors that made some lines go missing in the KAD code

*** NetF WARP 0.2b
- Based on eMule 0.47c
- Added disconnection of very slow upload sessions
- Removed some 'Safe KAD' code that become redundant with the 0.47c release
- Removed the 'Fixed TCP port' feature as it caused problem for some
- Changed 'VIP Queue' so VIP upload is always allowed upto 10% of your upload bandwidth even if you have a bad ratio
- Changed, files in release cause clients to automatically become VIP's
- Fixed a small bug in the server list
- Fixed some parts in the upload handling

- Note! There was an unmentioned change in NetF WARP 0.2a that disables the friend auto VIP, this change is still in place.

*** NetF WARP 0.2a
- Based on eMule 0.47b
- Added 'Safe KAD' (filters KAD from unrequested responses (anti-P2P spam), and also limits processed nodes by IP)
- Added 'Drop Stalled Sources' (speeds up file completion)
- Added 'Anti Fragmenting' (splits KAD search responses so they (hopefully) fit into one IP packet)
- Added 'CorruptionBlackBoxFix' (ensure all data been processed before banning) [by Xanatos]
- Added 'Dynamic Corruption Threshold' (to avoid mass banning when using Dynamic Block Requests)
- Added 'Only Recover Banned Data' (only redownload data that is "known" to be corrupt)
- Added 'Fixed TCP port' (may help some clients behind NAT/Firewalls to get HighID)
- Added 'Smart Part File Push' (shifts focus between partial and complete files depending on actual UL/DL ratio)
- Added 'Slot Limiting' (tries to reduce the number of upload slots)
- Added a lot of small optimizations and fixes from the NetF Mod. [by various modders]
- Updated 'Flush Thread' to do more of the work in the actual thread

*** nAM 0.1a BETA
- Based on eMule 0.47a
- Added 'Delayed NNP' (speeds up file completion when there is corruption or problem with the source finalizing)
- Added 'VIP Queue' (good uploaders and friends get their own lane)
- Added 'Known Client Bonus' (gives a small bonus to known clients not seen for 12 hours)
- Added 'Transfer Rate BlackBox' (hides datarate calculations from programmer)
- Added 'Dynamic Block Requests' (speeds up file completion)
- Added 'Active Ratio'(must have when using 'Dynamic Block Requests' to prevent excessive downloading)
- Added 'Safe Hash' (part hashing is done in separate thread) [by SLUGFILLER]
- Added 'ReadBlockFromFileThread' (prevents GUI to become sluggish when uploading) [by SiRoB / MorphXT]
- Added 'Flush Thread' (may help a little when doing heavy downloading) [by SiRoB / MorphXT]
- Added 'Mod version' (makes it possible to distinguish the client from the official one)
- Added 'Anti Shape' (makes credit shaping less profitable)
- Fixed memleak! Deletion in lastcommonroutefinder. [by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]


Download: eMule 0.47c NetF WARP 0.3a.5.rar (Mirror) - (Mirror)


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