Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Azureus Leecher Edition - RBM


FEATURE: Core | Health items now show if a torrent is being shared/published [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Creation of self-signed certificates for SSL (etc) via UI [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Set download speed per torrent [Parg]
FEAUTRE: Core | Universal Plugin and Play (UPnP) support [Parg]
FEATURE: Dev | ToolTip access functions for table cells [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: Plug | Tracker plugin supports simple category view [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | Webui support for password protected trackers [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | Webui attempts to get access to system clipboard to fix copy/paste issues [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | Plugin interface extensions for basic plugin config [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | External authorisation framework [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | WebUI + XML/HTTP i/f now have separately configurable username/password via Plugin config (*not* [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | WebUI can now use signed jars, if configured, so that clipboard access doesn't require local config [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Better scrape result reporting, including new "Next Tracker Access" column [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI | Tooltip for Health Icon [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI | New language: Japanese [Gouss]

CHANGE: Core | Core update checker now uses server to grab latest version instead of SF's one [Gudy]
CHANGE: Core | Default socket write buffer now a more conservative 1460 bytes for smoother uploading [Nolar]
CHANGE: Core | Central control of global outgoing peer connection rates...i.e. a better SlowConnect [Nolar]
CHANGE: Core | Unused potential peer connections are cached for later use [Nolar]
CHANGE: Core | Tracker now doesn't return peer list on "stopped" event [Parg]
CHANGE: Plug | Tracker web plugin configuration moved to plugin config from core config [Parg]
CHANGE: Plug | Tracker web contexts now have the option to not apply IP Filters - this affects the web plugin and xml/http interface [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | About Window is closeable by hitting the 'ESC' key [Gudy]

BUGFIX: Core | Fix for Library Paths using single quotes [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed shared plugin dir location on OSX [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | File Open dialogs now correctly remember their last path [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Plugin loader picking up .zip files instead of corresponding .jar files [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Don't delete the imported .torrent file if the import dir happens to also be the Save torrent dir [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Torrents leave READY state quicker after other torrents are re-queued [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Fix for Fast Resume not working when a 0-byte file exists in the torrent [Nolar]
BUGIFX: Core | Fix for Fast Resume not working when Incremental File Creation is enabled [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Show error message if previously-allocated data cannot be found, instead of re-creating it [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Force a file handle recycle every 50M read so the OS cache clears (Win2k, possibly other OSes) [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Tracker stats wrong [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Not deleting backup torrents (.bak) when MyTorrent->remove + delete [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | # Column now on by default again [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for Bug #966867: Context Menu not appearing after setting up columns on Linux [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | IP column now sorts by hex groups [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for .torrent icons with new Azureus.exe [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for text color on some Table cells not moving when row moved [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Moving torrent from Uncategorized category to new category now removes the row from the display [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for empty table rows appearing in Peers Details tab and Pieces tab [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Windows : Tray Icon should come back after explorer crash (needs latest SWT build) [SWT team, Gudy]
BUGFIX: UI | 192 bytes memory leak fixed on OSX [SWT Team, Gudy]

+ Leecher features

Download: Azureus.Leecher.Edition-RBM.rar (5.62 MB)

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