Sunday, May 24, 2009

diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher dUP 2.20 Beta 3

diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher [dUP]
Version: 2.20

-multiple file patcher
-create Offset and Search&Replace patch/loader
-compare files (RawOffset and VirtualAddress) with different filesize
-text patcher
-registry patcher, also for loaders
-attach files to patcher
-get filepaths from registry
-usage of CRC32 and filesize checks
-patching packed files
-compress patcher with your favorite packer
-saving projects
-use custom skin in your patcher
-add music (Tracker Modules: xm,mod,it,s3m,mtm,umx,v2m,ahx,sid) to patcher
-multilanguage support
-and many more...

Version History
-added wildcard support for textpatch module
-windowresize bugs fixed
-minimize patcherwindow with rightmouseclick
-added new "event" module for patcher
-bugfixes in textpatch module


Mirror: dup2.beta.rar 184.32 KB

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IlLusioN said...

All crypted Mods removed. If there still remaining any please click contact us link.
1. There is no reason to modify/do changes/reverse a Mod without Auth. Login to enable hidden features. What you wanna hack there if there is nothing?!
2. If someone change Splashscreens or links in Mods, please post Original Version. Users will download and use original not fake. Do in Changelog maybe md5 checksum by original release of exe and if present dll's.
3. About Security especially possible Trojans in exe protected/packed Mods without that they are hacked are not our business. It should be the business from all the 'official mod forums' to inspect analyze PE files and do it in them bad mod section if evidence have been found. It doesn't help anyone to mix leecher mods together with possible infected software, this are 2 different things.

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