Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to make JavaScript on Websites not a must!

...on sites that really don't need it for full function...

1. install RefreshBlocker for Firefox (add the redirect url to the blacklist). Alternative:
2. Disable JavaScript for example with prefbar or jsoptions to skip (overwrite menu behavior) right click and copy 'n past rules
3. by Firefox 3+ change max version compatible or try MR Tech's Toolkit

meta refresh/redirect to the exit page in this sample are blocked with RefreshBlocker: to

save to ignore:

"JavaScript Error – JavaScript is Disabled.

Description: This site uses a limited amount of JavaScript. In some applications and Web pages, JavaScript is essential to proper functionality of the Web page. Please have JavaScript Support turned on (Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox) or download a third party JavaScript Engine (Internet Explorer). In the case of Internet Explorer, if you need to download a JavaScript Engine for use on a certain page, Microsoft (Active X) will force a download utility to start. Choose "Yes" and download the JavaScript Engine.

Once you have enabled JavaScript, select the following link to revisit the page you came from."

Disable usercash and linkbucks etc (Greasmonkey skripts)...
skip redirects:

improve get direct link
if combine it with auto referrer control, it shows to destination a real Hotlink like just with wrong ip's

bbs: |

This one encode near all short url's from 0rz over to (almost 100+ see 'update') and shows real url:
TinyURL Decoder

In Opera try userscripts feature

P.S.: works here too (u can use JavaScript optional)

... my discovery tour over eMule pages

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