Thursday, May 7, 2009

SkipScreen 0.1.05042009 Blue (int. Alpha Slim)

pref("extensions.skipscreen.rapidsharefreeuser", true); // -;)

Nice for Blue Color Design Themes

en-US de-DE local only: Test | Source code (.zip)
18,4 KB (18.896 bytes)
File: SkipScreen0.1.05042009-Blue-en-de.xpi
CRC-32: 3c2430c6
MD4: 1272be9b5b2b0362630e1835cbb98352
MD5: 5501a311897114d5d600a9d87b951b3d
SHA-1: df5c005b115c903bd3df09a721e92604096dcede

The Pre Post-Download page can be customized by editing skipscreen.js // Desing, content, add/remove functions etc...

without pre download page (no promo box) - slim release:
18,0 KB (18.446 bytes)
File: SkipScreen0.1.05042009-Blue-en-de-nopredlscreen.xpi
CRC-32: 4c709af8
MD4: f95578bae5b9a31d8d1501c4ebba634d
MD5: 020e2a5dec7491a715e3c1c3c07262a9
SHA-1: 7acf704d9b3ce6f91484facd7e49295702fc218f

Lokalisation trouble shooting:

< prefpane id="pane1" label="&pane1.title;" >

< label class="header" value="Turn on/off site handlers" / >

does not
< !ENTITY pane1.title "Enable Handlers" >
< !ENTITY pane1.title "Aktivierte Dienste" >

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