Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inno Setup version 5.3.0-beta Unicode + ISTool-5.3.0 official

Inno Setup is the best Setup / Installer Creation Tool (Opensource - Freeware)

Inno Setup 5.3.0-beta Unicode

Whats new:

Please use beta version only if you need any of the new features coming with Inno setup 5.3.0

Download: isetup-5.3.0-beta.exe 1.78 MB - Mirror

official soon:

Inno Setup QuickStart Pack 5.3.0 Beta Unicode:
Download: ispack-5.3.0-beta-unicode.exe 1.87 MB

Inno Setup QuickStart Pack 5.2.4
Download: ispack-5.2.4.exe 1.67 MB

Inno Setup Preprocessor 5.3.0 (in QuickStart Pack)


Beta Source codes:

Homepage with older Final Versions:

ISTool 5.3.0 Official Download:
ISTool 5.3.0 compiled with newer VS 2008 SP1
Download: istool-5.3.0.exe 1,20 MB (1.266.108 bytes)

More Inno Setup Tools:

Inno Setup Generator version
innounp Inno Setup Unpacker 0.24 Build 090426

DDL Mirrors:
istool_5.3.0.exe 1.27 Mo
ispack_5.2.4.exe 1.76 Mo
isetup_5.3.0_beta.exe 1.87 Mo
ispack_5.3.0_beta_unicode.exe 1.96 Mo

UN-SIGNED - Not digital signed with Signaturtool


Test innounp on a setup generated with Inno Setup Version 5.3.0 beta
sample file: setup.exe 1.78 MB

innounp from version 0.20 and 0.21 from sourceforge can not unpack inno setup later as 5.2.5 dev
return by inno setup version 5.3.0:
Signature detected: Inno Setup Setup Data (5.3.0) (u)
This is not directly supported, but i'll try to unpack it as version 5203
; Version detected: 5300
Critical error: The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program. Unpacking failed. This version is not supported.
Signature detected: Inno Setup Setup Data (5.3.0) (u)
update to innounp 0.21 does not support version 5.3.0 Unicode too but support added for inno setup > v3 (v2.x)

Inno Setup Unpacker enhanced version 0.24 (UNICODE)
Updated: Laihongbo Build Date: 090426
Homepage: Http://Www.SkyGz.Com

Usage: innounp [command] [options] [@filelist] [filemask ...]
(no) display general installation info
-v verbosely list the files (with sizes and timestamps)
-x extract the files from the installation (to the current directory, also see -d)
-e extract files without paths
-b batch (non-interactive) mode - will not prompt for password or disk changes
-q do not indicate progress while extracting
-m extract internal embedded files (such as license and uninstall.exe)
-pPASS decrypt the installation with a password
-dDIR extract the files into DIR (can be absolute or relative path)
-cDIR specifies that DIR is the current directory in the installation
-n don't attempt to unpack new versions
-fFILE same as -p but reads the password from FILE
-a extract all copies of duplicate files
-s1..12 set this option to a higher value to improve detection of installation package version (recommended value: -s10)
-rVER use custom defined script to extract files (example: -r5103)
-k perform extensive scan if installation package version is unknown or impossible to detect (beta2)

Supported version:
5205, 5300


; Version detected: 5300
Critical error: The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.
Error (EAbort) "Operation aborted" at address 00431A73


run with switch -k works

successfully unpacked with switch (-k): innounp.exe -x -k setup.exe

innounp+v0.24(2009-04-26).7z 181.37 KB

InnounpW.exe english GUI (reversed - no source code (missing)) -k switch added to list and extract easy in GUI (limited only to Unicode 5.3.x unpacking)

Download with english GUI: innounp+v0.24(2009-04-26) with GUI.rar 202.78 KB

start InnounpWK unicode.exe

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