Sunday, May 31, 2009

UserScript URL Decoder Linkbee - Ads Web trash skipper added

How to leech redirected and linkbee download url's effective
Result - All link ads removed :

How to leech redirected and short url's such as linkbee download links effective.

Sites which trash the web full of Ads on them links can be easier cleaned now.
Linkbee etc... Ads + cookie skip over the ads page to the direct link.

Inspiration: thanks to for the demo links page and test support.

- setomits TinyURL Decoder ( )
- Johannes la Poutre Patch / diffs ( )

Download/Install Firefox Greasmonkey Userscript TinyURLEncoder with Linkbee patch:
40582.user.js | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror

Source code Download: 40582.user.txt | Mirror

+ You need Skip redirect ( redirect remover , ... )

Suggested to use: Skip Redirect By Kim A. Brandt ( )

+ Greasemonkey ( )

others to test: |

Because it's your web and your browser

Leeching Websites (Downloads) with Crawler technology:
To get just Download links from all kinds of forum software attachments. host a php search spider like sphider. run the search engine spider over a domain e.g. with pattern to index follow only: /attachment*
You may remove in crawler scripts everything with robots and meta by some domains to skip robots.txt and metatags. Change the ua string id to a genuine one as by major search engines. Keyword: Crawler User-Agent String List ( )

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